Soccer is an obsession around the world and an obsession I share with millions of people. This blog is my place to write about the beautiful game, which consumes so much of my time. I watch international matches, MLS, Serie A, Premier League, youth tournaments, the women's game, you name it. I also love writing so this is my chance to write about something I truly love. I started this blog with the idea that I would do it for my enjoyment, but since starting it I have started covering the Chicago Fire for Comcast SportsNet Chicago. As a result, most of what I would have wrote about on the blog overlaps with what I put on CSN's Fire page.

For now, I am keeping the blog alive with something still related to soccer, but doesn't interfere with my work for CSN Chicago. I have made a concerted effort to read more soccer books and as my wishlist of soccer books to read has grown and grown, I finally am making a push to get through these books. I decided that it would also be a fun, and potentially even interesting to read, series to put on the blog of what I thought of these books. So this blog may become solely soccer book reviews in the short-term, but don't expect regular content otherwise.

You can reach out to me on twitter (@TheDanSanto).

Thanks for reading,

Dan Santaromita