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Illinois marijuana decriminalization bill awaiting Rauner's signature

The good news, no the fantastic news, is that the Illinois bill that decriminalizes marijuana passed both the Illinois House and Senate and is waiting for Governor Rauner’s signature. The bad news is that it appears that he is going to wait until the 11th hour to make a decision on the bill, as he... Read more »

Healer.com just launched its medical marijuana education website

In Illinois, one of the biggest obstacles to acquiring a medical cannabis card for our new Medical Cannabis Pilot Program (MCPP) is resistance on the part of many of our doctors, who are consistently unwilling to recommend its use. Without a doctor’s recommmendation…not a prescription…merely a recommendation that cannabis use might benefit a patient who... Read more »

How one doctor's murder conviction should change doctors' attitude about medical marijuana use

Did you know that every day, here in the good ole US of A, 44 of our fellow citizens die from legal prescription medication overdoses and many more become addicted to them? Did you know that Americans account for 5% of the world’s population but we use 80% of the opioids being sold today? Did... Read more »

The medical marijuana legalization movement is gaining momentum despite opposition

We are in the midst of a revolution, people!!! Clearly, some of the establishment “don’t like it one little bit!” In response, they are doing everything in their power to kill this revolution. I am referring to the revolution to free the weed, ganja, MJ, Mary Jane, pot, dope, marijuana, cannabis, call it what you... Read more »

Deconstructing medical marijuana: what is CBD oil?

This weekend, Green Flower Media hosted an amazing online event; the 1st Virtual Cannabis Health Summit which streamed live from the comfort and warmth of my computer…and it was free. Over 20 of the world’s top doctors, scientist and leaders gave 22 minute Ted-style presentations about the science and information of cannabis use today for... Read more »

Even the US National Cancer Institute admits that cannabis kills cancer cells

The US National Cancer Institute has quietly admitted that cannabis kills cancer cells without damaging normal cells. Do I need to repeat this? To me, this is a really.big.fucking deal. Not chemotherapy, not radiation…but cannabis, the plant that has been demonized for the past 80 years as the “gateway drug” to hard drug use and... Read more »

Illinois doctors: why do you prescribe opiates like candy but you refuse to recommend medical marijuana?

The question I get asked the most these days in my capacity as an “expert” on the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program (MCPP) is “do you know a doctor who is willing to recommend cannabis?” Sadly, my answer is “no” and now I find myself in a similar position where I need to find a... Read more »

Michael Boticelli, new US drug czar, is still waging war on marijuana

Did you realize that the “War on Drugs” in this country has cost the American taxpayers a TRILLION dollars…that is trillion with a “t?” AND we won’t even mention how many shattered lives it has left in its wake; the millions of mostly black and hispanic men who were incarcerated for possession of small amounts... Read more »

Yes, there is such a thing as "therapy cats"

In the companion animal world…compared to dogs…cats tend to get a “bad rap.” They are often described as aloof, manipulative, cruel and merciless, useless, and even downright nasty. But, I would like to introduce you to 3 loving, affectionate cats who have helped their companion humans beyond what you might have ever imagined possible. For... Read more »

No, you don't have to smoke medical marijuana; 7 alternatives

I would venture to guess that the biggest misconception about medical marijuana is that you have to smoke it in order to consume it. As a result, people who would more than likely benefit from its use never entertain the idea of trying it. To all those people who fit into this category, I am... Read more »