Dear Speaker Ryan, don't you touch my Medicare and Social Security benefits

Dear Speaker Ryan, I am at a loss as to why you feel entitled to rob me and millions of my fellow baby boomers of our Medicare and Social Security benefits. This is our money, not yours. We have paid into these funds our entire adult lives. Many of us are not millionaires, unlike many... Read more »

I know all about narcissists; my mother was one

I am the child of a narcissistic mother, so I am very familiar with Mr. Trump’s narcissistic behavior. Everything is about him. And so, with my mother, everything was about her. Not only was she a narcissist, but she had OCD, hypochondria, was always criticizing me and she was emotionally absent. How I managed to... Read more »

When blogging yo! meets medical marijuana

A few months ago, I received the following message via FB Messenger: Hi Leslie, my name is Frederick (not his real name) and I have a daughter with Angelman Syndrome..I need your help to guide me purchasing CBD+THC for my daughter….we live in London,UK…GOD BLESS YOU !!!! It turned out that Frederick had found my... Read more »

How marijuana helped breast cancer survivor recover from trauma

I have the pleasure of hosting a guest blogger today who prefers to remain anonymous. She considers her story to be a cannabis success story. So, without further ado, her is her post. I suffer from a lot of mental health issues and I am a pothead. Yup, I am being brutally honest about myself.... Read more »

Illinois man with ALS credits medical marijuana with keeping him alive

I have really been shirking my blog writing duties lately due to the “I can’t take my eyes off the train wreck” also known as the 2016 Presidential Election. Anywho, I have returned to writing about my favorite subject; medical cannabis success stories. Today, I am featuring a southern Illinois resident, Barry Coughlin, who has... Read more »

New products roll out at Illinois medical marijuana dispensaries

Welp, the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program is quickly approaching its first birthday on November 9. The reason I remember this is because the pilot program debuted on the birthday of my sister, my uncle, and my son who will be turning 16 this year. We are in negotiations about which, if any vehicle, I... Read more »

Illinois mom of 4 overcomes enormous health challenges with medical cannabis use

Illinois mom of 4 overcomes enormous health challenges with medical cannabis use
I have taken a little detour from my usual subject of medical cannabis to comment on the meteoric rise of Donald John Trump. ┬áIt has left me terrified and saddened at the state of our nation. It looks like he is on his way out after a horrendous week of meltdowns. It is time for... Read more »

USA is now the #1 most openly racist country on the planet

We’re #1, We’re #1! Congratulations, America! Donald John Trump just gave millions and millions of Americans the A-ok to be openly racist, bigoted, misogynistic and xenophobic. All those people who have been lurking in the shadows for decades, hiding their racism and bigotry because they were embarrassed, have been unleashed onto the rest of us.... Read more »

Donald Trump is playing the media like a well oiled violin

Donald J. Trump is all about winning. He has been telling people that for decades. I can only conclude that is his sole purpose for his presidential aspirations. He also knows how to play the media for his own gain. He has been doing it for decades. But, he has really upped his game in... Read more »

176 reasons why Donald Trump must be stopped

I am not much of a reality TV watcher. I did just watch Master Chef. I have never seen any of “The Housewives” franchises, never watched Survivor and I never, ever saw “The Apprentice.” Donald Trump was familiar to me; it is hard to avoid him. I knew about his “You’re Fired” shtick on “The... Read more »