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Your Daily Bread Might Just Contain RoundUp Weed Killer

Are you aware of the fact that it is “business as usual” for American farmers to spray their wheat crops with Monsanto’s Roundup Weed Killer BEFORE IT IS HARVESTED???? The likelihood is that anyone who eats bread manufactured in this country is also eating weed killer. I know! I couldn’t believe it, either. Holy Guacamole!... Read more »

Thinking Outside The Box When Holiday Plans Change

I wrote this post 3 years ago and I liked it so much that I decided to post it again now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Volunteerism is a wonderful gift to share with your child. My son with special needs can’t handle uncertainty or a change in plans.  There was the horrendous... Read more »

The Great Homework Debate

The most frightening word in the English language in our household is “homework.” My adopted son with special needs is a very bright child, but he hates to do homework at home. He’ll do it at school, just not at home. As far as he is concerned, six hours of school work is quite enough,... Read more »

I Traded The Theatre Life for The Mommy Life

Before our now teenage son was born, my husband, Martin, was a stage actor. In fact, the last show he performed in was “A Christmas Carol” at the old Goodman Theatre in 2000. He played 2 minor characters; Percy, the party twit and the School Master. Once he got to play the ghost of Jacob... Read more »

I Didn't Do It!

“I didn’t do it.” I have heard these four words come out of my son’s mouth more often than any other phrase since he started talking at age 2. In fact, this kid is so audacious that it is not uncommon for him to deny doing something AS HE IS DOING IT!!!! When we were... Read more »

There's A New School In Town

City Elementary is getting ready to open its doors on September 8, 2014 in Hyde Park. The newest not for profit school for children with special needs will be occupying rooms in KAM Isaiah Israel’s School building. There are 7 students matriculated in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. If all goes well, they will add a... Read more »

What If Michael Brown's Parents Were White?

In light of the horrific things going down in Ferguson, MO, on both sides; demonstrators and the keepers of order, I wondered what would have happened if Michael Brown’s parents were white. Well, actually, as a white woman and mother of a now teenaged black son, I started to wonder if my color would make... Read more »

The Tale of The BND (B*tch Next Door)

In all my 25 years of apartment living in 4 different neighborhoods, there was no weirder and more vicious neighbor than Lacey, the Bitch Next Door or the BND, the acronym we coined when referring to her. I have to say that there are not a lot of people in this world whom I hate,... Read more »

The Ladder: Part Deux

After E climbed to the top of the ladder but did not actually get onto the roof, it looked like he had lost interest in this latest obsession. A week passed. We asked him every day when he got home from school if he wanted to help with the cleaning of the gutters and he... Read more »

The doctor did WHAT??????

My now teenage son, E, has had sleep problems since he was 3 years old. Due to his sensory issues, he has never easily been able to calm himself down in order to fall asleep by himself. Left to his own devices, he would be bouncing off the walls until 11:30pm every single night. This... Read more »
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    I am a 60 year old bleeding heart liberal, culturally Jewish, massage therapist with a wicked, sarcastic sense of humor, married for 35 years to a crazy Brit actor, voiceover performer and dialect coach. We have a 13 year old adopted son with sensory processing disorder. I LOVE to get on my soapbox and blog about the injustices in my world and beyond. I AM MARGE SIMPSON. I am also a storyteller.

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