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ACA. Know Your Onyuns

My husband, Martin and I have had a couple of tough years getting work in our respective businesses. Martin is a voiceover performer, dialect coach and actor. He gets health insurance for the entire family through his joint unions of SAG/AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild & American Federation of TV & Radio Actors). The thing is... Read more »

Is It Safe?

My 13 year old adopted son, E, is not and never will be a morning person. Of course, neither am I. This makes getting him ready for school a very stressful endeavor. He doesn’t like to be rushed and yet, he likes getting the “rush” that goes with leaving things to the last minute. This... Read more »

Worst. Drivers. Ever.

I have lived in a lot of neighborhoods on Chicago’s north side but I have to say that Rogers Park has the worst drivers. I moved to West Ridge ( the sticklers in this area will tell you that W. Rogers Park is really called West Ridge) in September, 2010. Since then, my car has... Read more »

Sergeant Sunshine, Our Kitty Rockstar

Our 1 year old kitten, Sergeant Sunshine, known lovingly as Sarge, Darge, Sargey, Dargel and many other silly names, saved the day this morning. My 12 year old adopted son, E, has severe behavior disorder and sensory integration dysfunction. He has been getting up ridiculously early all this week; I’m talking 6am Monday, 5:40am Tuesday,... Read more »

Minecraft....The Horror.....

The first time I heard the word “Minecraft”, I never imagined, in my wildest dreams, that what insued would take up much of my life for the next 3 weeks. We downloaded it onto our smartphone, but my 12 year old son eventually wanted the bigger, better and much more expensive version for our computer.... Read more »

Skating On Thin Ice

It all started so innocently with ice skates and Takis, of course. My 12 year old son, E, whom we now think is atypically Autistic, had a field trip the next week to an ice skating rink and his feet had grown, so he needed bigger skates. He has severe sensory integration dysfunction, so he... Read more »

Just Another Day in the Life of a Special Needs Parent

My 11 year old adopted son, E, has severe sensory integration dysfunction.  It is so bad that it affects his behavior and it makes our lives very difficult. One of his many challenges is his tactile defensiveness;  he is overly sensitive to touch.  As a result, he is absolutely terrified of needles because he expects the pain of... Read more »

The Adventures of Irritating Boy and His Trusty Sidekick, Irksome Kitty

I have decided to turn my constant parental ravings into something positive by creating a comic book hero, based on my son.  He is the most irritating human being on the planet.  Sometimes, he truly doesn’t have a clue that he is being irritating and he doesn’t get why his father and I go off... Read more »

I Used to Have Super Powers

My husband used to call me “Rainman” because I could remember numbers;  phone numbers, birthdays, addresses, sequences of numbers.  I could look at a phone number once and remember it for years afterwards.  I didn’t need to remember it and I didn’t make any conscious effort to remember;  it just stayed in my head and... Read more »

Strangest. Birthday. Ever.

Yesterday was my 58th birthday.  I don’t know how I got to be this old.  It just sort of happened.  One day you are 24 and then all of a sudden you are 58.  It’s weird to be pushing 60.  I don’t feel 58.  I don’t look 58 and besides, I have an 11 year old son. ... Read more »