Beating the odds on cancer with medical marijuana

Hi y'all. I am still mainly on hiatus from writing my blog as I spend most of my waking hours wrestling our fragile democracy back from the narcissist, Trump, and his GOP enablers.

As many of you know, my favorite posts are about medical cannabis success stories. The one I am about to post is a real doozy. Meet Brad and Nicola. Brad was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. This is really a guest post, so it makes it easy for me. Hey, don't judge me!

Nicola and Brad created this amazing website that really says it all. It is pretty self explanatory, so please watch it. K? Then, click on the link to the website and it will give you all sorts of information about the cannabis oil treatment they used and diet/nutrition tips.

Here we are 10 months in and Brad is feeling great, the best he ever has been since a teenager, he says. The doctors said if Brad was in the lucky 50% that the chemo even did anything for, then if he was in the 10% of that group, he may get a 1/3 reduction in the cancer. That happened by the 2nd chemo session and has continued to plummet. Our story is a testimony to how cannabis saves my husband's life. Whatever anyone says, there is nobody on this planet who can say that 18 rounds of chemo (2 triples, 8 doubles and 8 single infusions) is the reason why my husband is in such great shape. Cannabis oil is.

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