Oregon senior treats her breast cancer using medical marijuana

I'll be the first to admit that I am a sucker for cannabis cancer success stories since there is soooo much pushback from soooo many people who are soooo completely certain that cannabis oil can't possibly treat cancer. Western doctors, of course, especially oncologists, would be the most skeptical. Today's post is about a woman who is 100% certain that Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) has kept her cancer free.

There are a lot of misconceptions about medical cannabis amongst those that haven't bothered to research it. I don't get that, since it is extremely interesting. We have something called the Endocannabinoid System and the different compounds in cannabis bind to different receptor sites in our bodies which leads to homeostasis, thereby eliminating disease. That's the extremely simple version of what happens.

Now, when I say that medical cannabis can treat cancer, I am not talking about buying some dried bud and smoking a joint every day. I am talking about using the whole cannabis plant and reducing it to extremely concentrated oil which is ingested by the patient daily, typically in very large doses at the beginning of the treatment. Cannabis causes cancer cells "to commit suicide" without causing harm to any of the surrounding healthy tissue. Do you understand what a big deal that is?

Anyone who has been through chemotherapy and/or radiation or knows someone who has endured this horrible "treatment," knows that the chemo and radiation essentially fries not only the cancerous tissue but the healthy surrounding tissue, too, from the inside out. Many people talk about feeling like they are being burnt alive. The side effects are horrible, including hair loss, intense nausea and vomiting, fatigue, no appetite, pain, lymphedema, incontinence, infections blah, blah, blah. Then, there are the long term side effects. Some fun! Doctors are now finally admitting that chemo and radiation often kill the patient before the cancer does and that it is completely ineffective with certain cancers.

So, when I saw Shari Kay's post update on one of the many Facebook cannabis groups I belong to, I knew I had to interview her and tell her story. Shari's post let all her family and friends know that she is free of breast cancer and that FECO was responsible for her clean bill of health.

Shari Kay

Shari Kay

I called Shari and we had a lovely conversation. She lives in Oregon, so she is fortunate to live in a state that allows her to grow her own plants in her backyard....some day, Illinois. Shari described herself as an "old hippie" who was one of the movers and shakers at the University of California in Berkeley in the 1960s; bra burning, feminist protests, anti Vietnam war, the whole nine yards. Shari is turning 67 very soon.

Her cancer story started last September, 17, 2015, when she went in for her routine mammogram. She said it was like a whirlwind; ultrasound which showed a 1.5cm bowtie shaped cancerous growth in her right breast, followed by a biopsy on the spot. Interestingly, her doctor told her not to get any more mammograms, ever, because the radiation would make the cancer worse.

Her next encounter with an oncologist was not exactly a positive one. She described her as a "Hitler" kind of doctor who told her, in no uncertain terms, that she follow her instructions to the letter, which included chemo and radiation. Shari declined that treatment. She did agree to a lumpectomy, only to discover afterwards, that the surgeon did not remove all the cancerous cells, some of which still remained in her chest membrane. She had further surgery to remove the cancer cells, at which time the surgeon performed reconstruction surgery.

While all this was happening, she started looking for cancer groups and researching FECO. She discovered the Facebook group, Cancer killed by Cannabis Oil (FEMCO), through which she met a very amazing and courageous woman, Linda Morado, a cancer survivor, herself, who cured herself with cannabis. Linda gave Shari the oil for free at the beginning of her treatment and she started taking it in October. She took 1/8 gram every day for 2 months. She did not share her cannabis treatment with her doctors, but when she had a PET scan in December, it was clear of any cancerous cells.

By mid January, she was sent to a radiologist who recommended radiation, reassuring her that it may be as long as 20 years before she got lung cancer from the radiation. AND, hey, she might not even be here in 20 years, anyway. Some bedside manner, eh? She discovered that radiation hardens the aorta and causes contracture of the implant, so she refused treatment, again. All the while, she was taking her FECO which was keeping her cancer free.

In February, she was given a stress test which is protocol for cancer patients in order to assess her current mental health. It is common for cancer patients to become depressed. That's where she met a nurse navigator with whom she shared her cannabis treatment. The nurse steered her into what she thought would be a cancer study using natural treatment options. Sadly, it turned out to involve using 2 chemo drugs instead of the conventional 3. Shari declined and continued using FECO.

In April, she saw her oncologist who did a PET scan which was clear of cancerous cells. Shari has learned how to grow cannabis plants in her back yard and how to make her own FECO, so she has become self-sufficient in producing her own medicine. Shari is engaged to be married in a few months and she is healthy; all without the brutal side effects of chemo and radiation. Let's hope that one day very soon, FECO is the first treatment option rather than the last one. Let's also hope that one day, everyone who wants to use cannabis gets the opportunity to grow their own medicine in their own yards.

As always, I love to hear your thoughts and comments. If you had a cancer diagnosis, would you try FECO first, last or at all?

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