In memoriam: Donna Moncivaiz

I never expected Donna Moncivaiz not to survive her melanoma cancer diagnosis. I never met her but she was a member of an exclusive club, ChicagoNow bloggers. Many of us have met each other in person, but many of us only know each other through our blogs and through our very private and secret Bloggers Facebook Group. I read many of Donna's blogs and interacted with her often on Facebook.

I knew that Donna had been receiving traditional cancer treatments for melanoma and despite some ups and downs, I assumed she would be fine at the end of the day. Donna was always so upbeat, supporting others, reiterating over and over again that melanoma could be fatal and that there were steps to take to avoid getting it. She always ended her posts by begging people to be sure to use sunscreen. Very good advice. I thought she would be OK. How could she not be?

Then, all of a sudden, literally overnight, she wasn't. Her family posted an update that there were no more treatment options, she was in hospice care and she was at peace with all that was going on. And within a day or two, she had passed away. I was stunned. How could someone so full of life and passion be gone in an instant? So many of us have been touched by her kindness, her words and her deeds, that the online bloggers' conversation has been non-stop tributes to Donna over the last 24 hours. This speaks volumes about the type of person she was. Her blog posts will be her legacy.

Today there is a 2 year old blog post of hers up on ChicagoNow about making the most out of every day. Live in the moment. Because you never know how long you have to spend with your family and friends. Be kind. Do good work. Do the things you want to do today rather than putting them off tomorrow because you think you will have all the time in the world. We all expect to life a long life these days, but there is no crystal ball telling us when we will die. She was a very wise woman and she will be missed.

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