I Didn't Do It!


"I didn't do it." I have heard these four words come out of my son's mouth more often than any other phrase since he started talking at age 2. In fact, this kid is so audacious that it is not uncommon for him to deny doing something AS HE IS DOING IT!!!!

When we were looking for a house, one of the main criterion was that it have a finished basement in which my son could live. My hubby and I live upstairs, he lives downstairs. Everybody happy!!! We did find and buy such a house. It worked well for 4 years until our basement flooded and my son freaked out. He decided to move upstairs, to the room formally known as my room, and I moved down into the basement. Fine by me. Unfortunately, our basement has acquired several new features over the years; several holes in the drywall when my son had a tantrum or 7. He likes to punch or kick holes in the walls when he is angry. Ironically, I think it helped to have holes in the drywall when we were drying out the basement. Air circulating and all that. We have put posters over all the holes. Hey. Whatcha gonna do? Life goes on.


I came downstairs to go to bed the other night and noticed, hard not to, a hole in the wall the size of a 14" pizza. I couldn't figure out when he did it or why for that matter since he didn't seem angry earlier in the day, but there was no other explanation. I decided to wait until he got home from school the next day to ask him about it.

I asked him to accompany me to the basement, showed him the hole and guess what he said? "I didn't do it!" Seriously? Let's see, I know I didn't do it. I know my husband didn't do it and I haven't asked our 2 kittens but I am pretty certain they also didn't do it. So, unless we have very strong poltergeists or someone breaks into our house, damages stuff, makes a mess and then leaves, that pretty much leaves you, kid. He will usually own up to the damage he does these days, but lately he hasn't done. Earlier that day, I found 4 cherry tomatoes thrown into our recycling bin. Again, the only possible suspect for this action would be the 14 year old child. Unless we have been invaded by mischievous aliens, which sounds highly unlikely, my money is on the kid.


I was listening to national public radio this morning. There was a story about drone strikes in countries where, apparently, it doesn't really matter that innocent civilians are "collateral damage." It occurred to me that the US has the same mentality as my son on this; the "mistakes were made" excuse to explain the deaths of hundreds of innocent men, women and children. Our military intelligencia thought they were targeting Alcaide operatives, but they turned out to be civilians. Oopsie. It's kinda like saying "I didn't do it," on purpose that is. The use of drones has really changed the face of fighting wars. Now, some guy in the safety of an air force base in New Mexico is able to drop bombs on people in Afghanistan and Pakistan without getting his hands dirty, so to speak. It must be pretty much like playing a video game. Except, in this case, the stakes are much higher.

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