Still Waiting After All These Months....

As I sit here, on hold, it is almost 6 months since I applied for health coverage for my husband and me through the state of Illinois. Initially, I was told that my application would be processed in 45 days. Then it became 85 days. Now, apparently, it will be processed when "hell freezes over" since I applied on December 9, 2013.

I have submitted information and then been asked to submit the same information which I did and I still can't get an answer. I have spoken to my state representative, asking for help. Guess what he told me I needed to submit? My birth certificate... because clearly, anyone who is poor enough to qualify for Medicaid must be an undocumented alien and if you are, you don't qualify. Apparently, we have all forgotten that 100 years ago, everyone who came to the US was an immigrant.

The thing is that my husband and I are both self-employed and in businesses where some years we make a lot of money and some years we don't. These last couple of years have been tough for us both and as a result, we should qualify for Medicaid, which is a good thing. Kinda. Except that we can't get anyone to process our application and if and when we do get coverage, we probably won't be able to find a doctor who will accept this insurance. Great, eh?

Don't get me wrong. I like President Obama. I voted for him twice. But, this "mess" called the Affordable Care Act, is an abomination. It should be a Single Payer System. Even my fiscally conservative, republican accountant thinks we should have had a single payer system. But, instead, each state decides how it will provide health coverage. I happen to live in a state where the governor did not anticipate that anyone would apply for Medicaid, so he must have hired about 6 people to process applications because every time I call, they tell me the same thing; we did not anticipate receiving as many applications as we did.

OMG! After almost an hour on hold, someone finally answered the phone. Guess what she told me? My application is still being processed.

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