CPD Northside Outdoor Pools: Temporarily Closed for Repairs???

I tell people my 11 year old son, E, is part fish.  He LOVES water and he LOVES to swim;  the deeper the water, the better.  It's all about sensory input for him.  He has sensory integration dysfunction.  Google search it if you still have never heard of it.  I describe swimming as the "mother of all sensory input".  He jumped off the 5 meter platform diving board into 16 feet of water at Portage Park pool when he was 5 years old.   Then a whole lot of much older idiots saw him and figured, if that kid can do it, so can I.   And so they did.  They were probably VERY SORRY they did that the next day when they couldn't move.  It's like hitting concrete. 

So, we anxiously await the outdoor pool openings every year.  They used to open on Memorial Day weekend along with the beaches, but I'm assuming the great recession has something to do with the fact that the pools now don't open until mid-June.  This makes it a very short season, since they close for the winter on Labor Day weekend.

You can imagine my utter dismay when I looked at the CPD outdoor pool listing, only to discover that most of the northside pools are "temporarily closed for repairs".  WTF?  You'd think that with such a mild winter that we just experienced, CPD would have plenty of opportunity to make their repairs before the pool season opened.  With only a few pools available to us, last Sunday, E and I went to the closest one which was in Northcenter;  we live in W. Rogers Park.  I figured I would ask the lifeguards what the story was on all the temporary closings, expecting them to know nothing.  They told me that CPD had resurfaced the bottoms of the pools and they were refilling them and that they would be open on the Monday that just passed.  Here we are on Wednesday and the pools are still closed.  I sincerely hope that this is not going to be an ongoing situation where the pools are still closed when the season is finished.  Does anyone have the skinny on what is really going on?


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  • Chicago Park District outdoor pools traditionally open mid-June, and the agency operates more than 70 indoor and outdoor pools. The recent work on all pools was required to be compliant with the Illinois Swimming Facility Act, which increases safety requirements. Your neighborhood pool should be open within the next few days. Please check chicagoparkdistrict.com for updates, as well as the on-site signage referring to nearby pools as alternates. Also, there are more than 130 citywide parks with water spray features, and more than 25 locations with water playgrounds. Finally, don’t forget that you can always cool down at one of the many beaches along our 26 miles of lakefront.

  • Hello and thanks for your response. The pools used to open on Memorial Day weekend until just a few years ago.
    Does the information that you just shared with me appear anywhere on the CPD website? We do like to know what's going on! It was such a mild winter this past winter that I would have thought that repairs to the pools would have been made in time for the mid-June pool openings. So many of the pools which remain closed are on the north side. Is there any explanation as to why that is? I have a child with special needs who is regulated by swimming in deep water. With the hot weather we just experienced, it has been disappointing that Norwood Park, River Park and Portage Park pools are still closed.
    I spoke to someone at Portage Park pool just yesterday and she told me she had no idea when the pool would reopen. She suggested that I call my alderman which I did.

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