Enough With the Life Lessons, Already

I always was under the impression that bad things come in 3's.   Apparently, in our universe, they come in 4's or maybe even 5's.  In the past month, we have had 4 fallthroughs in plans;  2 in the past weekend. 

When you have a kiddo like mine,  who at age 11, still has major tantrums which usually involve kicking the walls when plans fall through, you hope for the best that the event will happen.    So, after my friend failed to turn up for my son's birthday and Thanksgiving get canceled, we figured we only had to endure one more disaster.  This came last Saturday.   I had not told my son about his friend's birthday party at Laser Quest until 36 hours before the event.  It seemed like it was full steam ahead on the party.   On Saturday morning, I received a text from the birthday boy's Mom that he had been "puking all morning" and the party was canceled.  I just couldn't believe it.   In a way, it was a good thing that my son was being forced to deal with all this disappointment, but this was getting ridiculous.   Apparently, a classmate with stomach flu had been sent to school not 1 day, but 2 days running and had infected half the school.   I felt so bad for this poor kid;  he had to miss his party because of another parent's stupidity.

The following day, we had a playdate planned with my son's best friend at school.  We were supposed to pick him up and then go bowling.   We were running late;  this was my son's fault.  I am very punctual, so living with a child that can never get himself together on time no matter how many hours he has in which to get ready drives me ABSOLUTELY ROUND THE BEND.  I called to let them know we would be there soon.  I received a call from the Mom a few minutes later, informing me that her son wasn't feeling well and they had to cancel.   What is going on?   Granted, my son dealt with the last 3 disappointments better than he has ever done, but I think we had enough life lessons for the moment. 

OMG.  Here I thought I had the entire weekend covered with fun activities and now we had nothing for a second day.   We ended up going to see Martin Scorsese's film "Hugo" which I thoroughly enjoyed.   I can only hope that this is the end of our run of bad things.

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