Worst. Organized. Event. Ever.

So, I awoke last Saturday morning at 7:30am, got ready to go and left my home in W Rogers Park by 8:25am.  I had a 9am massage client downtown at Jackson & Wabash.  I never made it due to the Hot Chocolate 15K Run.  I had never heard of the Hot Chocolate Run and because of the way it was organized, I spent 2 hours stuck in traffic and failed to get to my client's building.

It all started so well.  I got to the Jackson St. exit of the Kennedy by 8:40am and called my client to let her know I would be at her building in a few minutes.  After I hung up, I realized there was a sea of red tail lights on Jackson and NOBODY WAS MOVING.  I called my client to let her know I was stuck in traffic.  I tried to get out of the Jackson St. traffic by going over to Adams St. and soon realized that most of the streets were blocked off and I ended up right back on Jackson St.   I figured I would just sit in traffic on Jackson St but after moving at a snail's pace for 2 blocks, I realized that Jackson was blocked off and I was rerouted yet again back to Adams St. 

I called my client yet again and told her that there was no way for me to get to her and that I was going home.   This was at 9:17am.  I was now going west on Adams St. and I should have gotten on the Kennedy at Adams, in retrospect.  How far west could the run go?  So, I kept driving farther and farther west, hoping with every street that I would get to the end of this nightmare.  Every single street between Wells and Damen was blocked off both to the north and south.  At one point, traffic came to a complete standstill for about 20 minutes outside of Malcolm X College.  My favorite part was when a guy in a black Land Rover drove on the SIDEWALK to get in front of the rest of us losers.  FINALLY, I made it to Damen and I was free of the insanity.  By this time, it was after 10am.  By the time I got home, it was 10:30am and I WAS NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.

I am appealing to the person or persons who organizes these events.  Please do not shut down the entire downtown area on a Saturday morning.  Some of us are just trying to make a living.


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  • This happened to me too! Drove me kind of crazy, and I'm a runner. First of all, Saturday morning, really??? There's a reason these things are usually on Sundays. Second, at least give the traffic cops maps of the race -- I asked two different ones guarding blocked streets and they had no clue how I could get around the route.

    Of course, I was just trying to get to the grocery store, so my kid got a little extra nap in and nothing was for the worse.

  • Thanks for commiserating! I know what you mean about the traffic cops. I asked one how I could get to Jackson & Wabash. She just shook her head and said "not now". I'm glad it didn't screw up your day too badly.

  • Thanks for commiserating! I know what you mean about the traffic cops. I asked one how I could get to Jackson & Wabash and she just shook her head and said "not now". Glad it didn't screw up your day too badly!

  • I believe there was a truck overturned so they were forced to re-route. I was helping out for Running Away Multi-sport who ran the event and I am pretty sure that is what happened.

    Oddly enough I was EXTREMELY inconvenienced just getting to the race because of the re-route. So I completely understand! Although I feel it may have been more Murphy's Law than poor planning.

  • Is it the events fault that you had no idea that 40,000 people were going to be running through the streets of Chicago. There were 5 different Chicagonow bloggers who wrote about the event. It was on WGN, ABC, ABC and several radio stations, as well as the HC web site with maps and street closings.
    I think you need to look in the mirror and see that you may be the least informed person ever and stop blaming other people,
    BTW- The Chicago Marathon is in October and they will be closing streets as well.
    Welcome to Chicago.

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