Things I Never Expected to Say or Do

My 11 year old adopted son with sensory integration dysfunction is not THAT much different from a "normal" kid, except he takes everything "to 11".  If you are a fan of Spinal Tap, you will get that reference.  If you have never heard of "This is Spinal Tap", stop reading this post right now, go order "This is Spinal Tap" from Netflix and watch it. You will LYAO.  But, I digress.

Here are some of things I have said to my son that I never expected to say to anybody in my entire life:         

1. Don't gargle with orange juice. Who would ever think of doing that?  

2. Don't write on the sofa with toothpaste. Again, who would ever think of doing that, but my son?

3. As he sticks his entire face into a bowl of yogurt - we are talking about an 11 year old, here - PLEASE use a utensil when eating yogurt. 

4. Please stop opening and closing the window of our car (power windows).  It is old and it will stop working if you do that.  His response is not to stop but to say "Sorry".

5. I'll give you $5 if you'll go to bed.  Sometimes, you just gotta do whatever it takes to get your kid to bed.

Speaking of our old car, I have never bought a new car in my entire life.  I regard it as an unnecessary expense.  I have been very lucky with used cars. My current beauty is a 1999 Tan Ford Escort Wagon which I purchased in 2003 for $8,995. That is the most money I've every paid for a car. It has served me very well. However, it is getting old. The thing is that the engine runs like a top, but the rest of the car is falling apart and I am replacing it piece by piece. Its current malady has to do with water INSIDE the car. Whenever it rains, the water gets in through the back door. We can't figure out where it is coming in. I even took it to a mechanic and he could't figure it out.  Today, I realized there was about 2 inches of water in the well holding the spare tire. I ended up bailing that out with a cup. The good news is that I finally found my jack. Yup. I've owned this car for 8 years and only discovered today that the jack is sitting in a small compartment above the right rear wheel. It was also full of water. As I was trying to figure out how to bail the water out, I remembered we had just bought a turkey baster. It was the perfect tool. I never expected to be using that today. Everything dried out by the end of the day.  They'll be more rain very soon and then there will be snow.  Sigh.

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