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But seriously, I still love her!

But seriously, I still love her!
You know the scene: You made it through another 8-hour work day.  You fooled everybody by putting on the “I’m better than ever” mask and for a moment you might even believe that you have fooled yourself into thinking you ARE doing better.  You get home after skipping the gym, you sit down in your... Read more »

The Merry-Go-Round Relationship

When you’re a kid and you’re young, you don’t really know much.  Life is as grand as you want it to be. You use your imagination, everything is fun, and your head is filled with all sorts of hopes and dreams.  Everything is about as real as you want it to be.  And the best... Read more »

Dating vs Masturbating - What's the Better Choice?

Dating vs Masturbating - What's the Better Choice?
Alrite, listen…I know that every guy out there is a complete lying, cheating, backstabbing, scum of the Earth, rat bastard piece of shit that’s gonna say and do and try anything he can just to get you into bed, leave before you wake up the next day and never call again…I know that…but I also know that... Read more »

When Friendships Collide With Your Relationship

Being friends.  Simple.  Right?  It is what we self-teach.  If not, our mentors, parents, or guardians teach us this lesson as we grow up.  It was the simple, “Hey, wanna come over to my house and play with my Transformers?” And when we were little, that is all it took.  Friendships were easy to forge,... Read more »
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