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My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Got Fat

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It happens to all of us, you get older and fatter. Every day, you’re getting older and fatter. It tends to be a fairly delicate situation to approach with your significant other. After all, nobody WANTS to hear they’re getting fat, but if it’s starting to affect the relationship, you have to speak up at... Read more »

My Friends Hate My Girlfriend

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Remember how happy you were for your buddy when he first started talking to this girl? You’d anxiously await for the stories about what happened and when he finally made it facebook official, YOU were actually happy that you’d been there and got to see the whole thing. Now though…well, now she is just destroying... Read more »

Celebrating Valentine's Day with Your Girlfriend

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Love is BARELY in the air on this week’s episode. We’ve paired up on screen to give you that true couple experience for this year’s most beloved, Hallmark-ed holiday. Is Valentine’s Day a real holiday? Find out what everybody thinks including whether or not we even celebrate it and Vince provides some amazing insight about... Read more »

14 Nice Things You Can Do and NOT Celebrate Valentine's Day

14 Nice Things You Can Do and NOT Celebrate Valentine's Day
So yeah, alright, I get it. You don’t “celebrate” Valentine’s Day. The whole holiday is BS and it’s perpetuated by over-priced cards, candies and sending flowers to their eventual demise. But here’s the thing, even if you don’t have big plans for Valentine’s Day, it’s hard to get away without doing something. So, this year…make... Read more »

When To Fart in Front of Your Girlfriend

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“Really, you guys are talking about farts now?” Listen, farts are the least of your worries as far as season 2 topics go. Besides, this, THIS is a legitimate concern. Do you hold it in until you’re about to explode, or is it something you politely excuse yourself for. Find out what we think and... Read more »