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Using Online Dating in 2012

Using Online Dating in 2012
It’s everywhere these days. The whole damn world is trying to find you someone to be with. And you want to know why? You’re a lot more pleasant to be around when you’re actually getting laid. Sure the magical land of 2012 is here, and things you saw Sandra Bullock do in “The Net” are... Read more »

Put the Toilet Seat Down?! You Put the Seat UP!

Put the Toilet Seat Down?! You Put the Seat UP!
Ladies, ladies, ladies. Let’s…let’s just, talk. You and I. Me and you. Us. Let us talk. Now me, I’m chauvinistically chivalrous, which if you think about the term, is actually quite fitting. I believe in opening the doors, paying, shit, I really respect you. I’m…I’m kind of a sweetheart, and here’s why, I’m all golden... Read more »

The Merry-Go-Round Relationship

When you’re a kid and you’re young, you don’t really know much.  Life is as grand as you want it to be. You use your imagination, everything is fun, and your head is filled with all sorts of hopes and dreams.  Everything is about as real as you want it to be.  And the best... Read more »

[Season 2 Promo] Terrell's Failed Audition

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Getting the cast exactly where we wanted it for the show wasn’t the easiest task. We even tried to incorporate some other people throughout the season. In this case, we even had one of the guys crash the set and start recording his own episode. He didn’t really work out before…and here’s why! Follow Terrell... Read more »

Dating vs Masturbating - What's the Better Choice?

Dating vs Masturbating - What's the Better Choice?
Alrite, listen…I know that every guy out there is a complete lying, cheating, backstabbing, scum of the Earth, rat bastard piece of shit that’s gonna say and do and try anything he can just to get you into bed, leave before you wake up the next day and never call again…I know that…but I also know that... Read more »
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