When Do I Tell Her I Love Her?

What's it been, like 3 dates and you're already positive this person is the one for you? Can't stop thinking about them, getting butterflies when they're near, can't wait to kiss them. Yeah, you're positive, you're in love.

But now, when do you actually say it. Get a little insight from us about when is the right time to tell someone you're in love. Learn a little about what love is and the real question lurking on your mind, "is love enough?"

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    SoYouHaveAGirlfriend.com is a weekly relationship advice web show from the people who are still making mistakes. Nobody's got it down right, all we know is what we've been through. And between 6 of us...it's a lot. Tune in Thursday nights to SoYouHaveAGirlfriend.com for new episodes. Also, feel free to check out some of our back episodes or read up a little more on each of us. #SYHAG Bios
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