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My Girlfriend Dresses Like a Slut for Halloween

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A girl’s favorite holiday has become your most dreaded night. Sure, she looks super hot BUT you could definitely do without the 40 other frat boys staring at her chest or grabbing her ass. So how do you handle it? Is there a reason to be jealous? What’s the worst that could happen? Hear it... Read more »

When to Make Your Relationship Facebook Official

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If you’re alive and breathing, at some point or another you’ve heard someone either drop the term “Facebook Official”, or the dreaded acronym…FBO. This time around, we want to know, is FBO a real thing? Do people actually care about their facebook relationship status? We touched on the sensitive topics too! What it means if... Read more »

When to Have Sex with Your Girfriend for the First Time

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Ahhh, good ol’ sex. The root, the cause or possibly even the demise of your relationship. But, when DO you have sex?! In this day and age, are you suppose to talk about it before you have it? Can you ruin the relationship having it too early? Check out Episode 2 where we’ll even give... Read more »

The Girl Who is Not Yet Your Girlfriend

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Wondering what it means when your significant other is pushing back against slapping a title on your relationship? Stuck in that rut of introducing them as, “oh…this is…my uhh…my, friend”. We’re telling all in this inaugural episode to help you understand what it means it all means. Whether it’s claiming they have a fear of... Read more »
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