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Are Small Business Owners Liable for Injuries Outside of the Workplace?

An employee is injured outside of the workplace and is unable to work for a few months. Are you, as the business owner, liable for that injury? Does that employee qualify for workers’ compensation? When employees suffer injuries while participating in leisure activities or at home, who is responsible for getting them back to work?... Read more »

5 External Factors that Affect Your Small Business

The business world is complex and ever-changing. Rarely are things ever cut and dry. You can offer the best prices in town and excellent customer service, but sales can be affected by external factors that are completely out of your control. Here are five factors that may be working for or against your business. 1.... Read more »

Illinois Shoppers Pay More for Online Purchases, Good News for Small Businesses

A recent loosening of states’ sales tax collection affects purchases of products online. According to the Chicago Tribune, Illinois can collect more sales tax thanks to a Supreme Court ruling on the matter. For small businesses, this could mean a more even playing field, since large online retailers have been able to skirt taxes in... Read more »

What Small Businesses Need to Know About Mayor Rahm Emanuel's New Reforms

What Small Businesses Need to Know About Mayor Rahm Emanuel's New Reforms
An innovative package of new reforms aimed at helping small businesses grow and succeed was just announced by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office. The plan will support small businesses throughout the city by addressing many points of friction that small business owners regularly encounter. More specifically, the reforms will help cut costs, streamline bureaucratic processes... Read more »