How Small Businesses Are Saving Money Online In the US and Abroad

Connecting with suppliers, purchasing supplies or buying anything is easier now than ten years ago. The Internet offers small businesses an equal opportunity to compete with large-scale enterprises even when you are in a new market.

Savings are everywhere as long as companies know where to look.

Businesses are finding savings on everything from labor to supplies from the top brands.

Discount Codes and Coupons

Coupons and discounts are available that allow small businesses to save money on everything from clothing to supplies and items from some of the world’s largest retailers. These sites are open to anyone, and they offer coupons and discount codes that people use on a daily basis.

Countries have their own coupon sites, and you’ll find options for:

  • France. Ma Reduc is the go-to coupon and deal site in France, offering savings on a variety of products and services. Discounts are available for Amazon, Uber, La Redoute, and over 400 other outlets.
  • Germany. is dedicated to Germany, and the site offers coupons and discounts from hundreds of the top retailers in Germany.
  • The United Kingdom. PlusVoucherCode offers discounts and sales on top UK brands including Nike, Amazon, and Myprotein among many others. There are also “can’t miss” deals, with the sales geared towards the United Kingdom.
  • The United States. RetailMeNot is the go-to option in the United States, and the site often offers one-of-a-kind, exclusive codes, and Businesses can also find discounts near them, allowing visitors to view deals in their area.

Coupon codes are often available for many of a business’ needs, including web hosting. I have heard of businesses saving 10% per month, over the lifetime of their hosting, leading to real savings every month.

There are discount codes and coupons added daily to these sites, so there’s always a reason to come back and see where money can be saved.

Coupons are the easiest, fastest way to start saving money on products and services a business needs.

Outsourcing Labor

Outsourcing is a smart choice for a small business. When a small business is just starting, capital is low and it’s difficult to hire a person. You'll have to pay taxes, offer benefits and meet employment laws.

There's a lot of red tapes involved.

But outsourcing allows for businesses to scale quickly, and there’s no need to worry about:

  • Increased utility costs
  • Office supplies
  • Insurance increases

A lot of businesses will keep their full-time staff to a minimum, and yet they’ll outsource tasks that their current staff cannot complete. These tasks can be anything from booking appointments to cold calling, marketing, and especially website creation.

Outsourcing a virtual assistant can help a business owner offload a lot of their menial tasks, replace an expensive assistant and free up the owner’s time.

Outsourcing can also offer extensive expertise, such as computer programmers that are in charge of helping build your business’s app or network specialists that can help manage your business’s network.

Small businesses can save money in a multitude of ways, including negotiating with vendors online, searching for vendors that offer bulk discounts or connecting with foreign suppliers.

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