4 Ways SMBs Can Support Their Support Team

Support teams need support too. Small businesses need to provide support to their support team if they want to offer the best service possible to their clients. The resources that are put into the support team will become an asset for your company. But how can a small business help their support team find success?... Read more »

3 High-Performing Content Assets Small Businesses are Using

High-performing content is one of the most effective forms of marketing in the digital world. Small businesses are working on marketing in the most effective, cost-friendly way. Content marketing is a solution to this problem. Powerful and applicable to businesses of all sizes, rich content can help grow your business online and offline. The right... Read more »

What Does It Really Take to Get a Small Business Loan?

Growing your small business and taking it to the next level can be really difficult without external lending. As a small business owner, you need enough funds to cultivate business growth for your small enterprise to make it thrive and prosper. However, the process of getting a small business loan can be intimidating and stressful.... Read more »
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What Are Your Options When You Can’t Pay Your Business Debt?

It’s a common scenario: a business takes on debt to expand or launch a new product. But things aren’t moving as fast as they should be or the venture fails, and the business is left with debt it cannot pay off. If creditors come knocking, it could be bad for business. The way your business... Read more »

4 Ways Small Businesses Secure Funding

Small business funding is often an end to a person’s dream of starting their own business. It’s difficult to get started in business, but it’s almost impossible to start if you can’t find the funding to bring your business to life. Yes, you can bootstrap the business, work extra hours and make it work –... Read more »

Personal Loans for Business? Why Some SMB Are Taking Out Personal Loans

Business owners try and keep their finances separate from their business. When a small business tries to secure a loan, the lender will often require the borrower to personally guarantee the loan. This means that even though a business is a separate legal entity, the owner will be held personally liable for the loan. Why?... Read more »

Does Your Small Business Need a Virtual Private Network?

Cybercrime damages are expected to hit $6 trillion by 2021, and cybersecurity spending is projected to reach $1 trillion that same year. If high-profile businesses like Target can become victims of cybercrime, small businesses are easy targets. In fact, more than 40% of cyber-attacks are intended for small businesses. While there’s no surefire way to... Read more »

Business Debt: When Debt Consolidation and Debt Relief Make Sense

Small businesses take on a lot of debt, and it’s not uncommon for this debt to lead to business failure. Every business takes on debt at some point, and even the world’s largest entities, such as Amazon or Google, have debt. It’s often better to take out a line of credit or a loan instead... Read more »

What Do Businesses Need to Open a Checking Account?

Launching a business is exciting, but there’s one aspect that isn’t very thrilling: opening a checking account. Still, a bank account is necessary to be able to manage your cash flow and pay bills. Virtually all banks – local and national – have business checking accounts. But opening one isn’t as simple as signing on... Read more »

When Does It Makes Sense for Small Businesses to Expand Services?

Small businesses often start with a key service. And you can see this with larger entities, too. Amazon is a great example of a company that has evolved to sell virtually everything. But, when Amazon first started in the garage of Jeff Bezos, within a month, it had $20,000 a week in sales. The company... Read more »