Deciding What to Wear

How do you decide what to wear to work? Do you ask your spouse? a roommate? Do you wait and get a co-worker's approval once you're at the office?

Sometimes I ask my husband what he thinks, but he is largely unopinionated about what I wear.

Next best thing?

Instagram {username: SmartSavvyStyle}.

I often turn to Instagram and ask for opinions on shoes, accessories, even main pieces! And yesterday was no different. I knew I wanted to wear my new oxblood knit skirt with leather and zipper accents, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to wear with it.

Hellllooooo, Instagrammers.

I posted these two pics to Instagram and pushed it out to Twitter. {I beg you to ignore the fact that I'm in my bathroom, my hair is not fixed, and I have yet to accessorize.}

A peasant-style top?

Or a fitted tee?

Which option do you think everyone voted for? Which option do you think I wore? Which one would YOU have chosen?


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