What to Wear to Work When You're Expecting

I'll be honest. I'm not pregnant. Never have been. I don't know what it's like to wake up with a baby bump and wonder what in the world I'm going to put on.

I'm at that age where most of my friends are/have been/will soon be pregnant, and I get questioned about maternity styles a lot. Since I can't speak from experience, I turned to the next best place: Pinterest...at the risk of starting crazy rumors across every small town I've ever lived in. You can check out what I found on my pin board.

So, here are my theories on maternity style for the workplace:

  1. Invest in a pair of maternity pants, skirt, and jeans.
  2. Wear regular women's tops for as long as possible. When no longer possible, invest in key versatile pieces, such as button-ups and basic tees.
  3. Accessorize.

I don't think anyone will look down on you for wearing the same pants or skirt twice a week. Use your accessories to create completely different outfits from the same basic pieces.

Another question I get is related to where to shop for maternity clothes. I'm opening that one up to you. Where do you shop for maternity clothes? Which maternity pieces do you consider essential?

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