What to Wear When Traveling for Work

What to Wear When Traveling for Work

I hesitate to even write this post. What to wear when traveling for work has so many variables. Are you headed directly to meet a client or business partner? Or do you get to go to your hotel first? Are you traveling into cooler or warmer weather than where you started? Or will the temps be about the same? Do you have to carry heavy bags as you travel? Or are you traveling light?

I'll be honest. I have a hidden talent for packing. I could travel for a week in just this one suitcase.

I learned early on how to mix and match my business suits, to pick one color (black or brown) and stick with it throughout the trip so I only carried one pair of shoes. But I assume you didn't come here to learn how to pack.

When traveling for work, I always recommend that you look professional regardless of whether you will be seeing any clients along the way. You are representing your company as you travel, so keep that in mind. That said, if you aren't seeing clients, maybe your travels won't require a full suit.

Typically, if seeing clients at the other end of my flight or car travels, I wear my suit pants and a top. I carry my suit jacket. I also choose shoes that are easy to walk in (you never know if you will have to run to catch that connecting flight) and pack my heels in my carry on bag.

If I'm not seeing anyone, perhaps I would choose dressy jeans and a button-up. Something professional yet casual.

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