What to Wear on Casual Friday

Does your office observe casual Friday? Many offices do, and it is one of the worst days for office fashion faux pas! Wouldn't you agree?

So today, we're talking casual Friday attire!

Picture Susie. Susie is young, hip, and always on trend. Susie's closet is filled with bright colors, low cut tops, and cutesie dresses. During the week, she is all business. But, on Fridays, it's time to rock the rest of her closet. So she pulls out her favorite jeans, ripped across the thigh. She adds a hot pink top with a deep v in front, grabs a cardigan because her office is cold, and throws on her leopard print heels. Voila! Ready for casual Friday.


Or...maybe not?

While there is nothing wrong with Susie's pink shirt and ripped jeans, she might want to reconsider before she walks into her conservative office with too much skin showing.

Susie, save that look for the weekend!

Instead, let's think dressy jeans, classic button-ups, and beautiful blazers.

Oh, and Susie? You can keep the leopard heels.

For more casual Friday looks, check out my Casual Friday pin board on Pinterest! Plus, stop by my facebook page and tell me about your casual Friday style and the biggest fashion faux pas you've seen at work!

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