How to Wear Multiple Patterns in the Office

How to Wear Multiple Patterns in the Office

Mixing patterns is a popular trend, but if not done correctly, it can leave you looking a hot mess. Today, we are going to look at a couple of easy tips for mixing patterns!

I wrote a series of posts on my personal blog about mixing patterns, but today, I wanted to give you a couple of quick and easy tips for making it work in the office.

  1. Choose similar colors. In this outfit, both patterns are dark. For pattern inspiration for the office and beyond, check out my pretty in patterns pin board on Pinterest.
  2. When in doubt, choose a stripe. Seriously, this is one of the easiest patterns to mix with other patterns. You can mix stripes with floral prints, polka dots, animal prints, etc.

Mixing patterns is hard to do, and you definitely don't want to look distracting in the office. For me, the pinstripe blazer was the perfect addition to the floral skirt. The colors flow, the patterns don't compete with each other, and the look is still professional. Do you mix patterns in the office? What tips do you have? 

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