Hi! I'm Heather, the Chicago-based blogger behind the SmartSavvyStyle blogs. I provide real style advice to the average woman. I'm just your average Joey, living in corporate America. If you really want to know more about me, you can find my bio here. Otherwise, let's proceed to the insta-introduction.

I was made in the 80s.

I like coffee and the occasional moon pie.

I love ice cream.

a lot.

I have bad hair.

I had good hair once.

I believe in manicures...

and pedicures, but I'll spare you a picture of my feet.

I like to read a little.

I have a husband. He's cute.

He bought me a camera for my birthday.

I started a blog. Not in that order.

Those first posts? They're baaad.

I like to think I've improved.

I like to think you might like what you read.

You might not.

And that's okay too.

Basically, I have a keyboard, some style sense, and a blog.

Watch out, world, here I come.

And in case you haven't had enough of me can find me in some other popular places:

That's my insta-introduction. Now, who the heck are you?

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