What to Wear to Work on Halloween

Some offices allow their employees to dress up for Halloween. Considering many people don’t have office-appropriate Halloween costumes, I’m curious about what you would do in this situation. Personally, I would recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to be comfortable. Wear a pair of scrubs, and go as a nurse. Or, I may be creative... Read more »

Deciding What to Wear

How do you decide what to wear to work? Do you ask your spouse? a roommate? Do you wait and get a co-worker’s approval once you’re at the office? Sometimes I ask my husband what he thinks, but he is largely unopinionated about what I wear. Next best thing? Instagram {username: SmartSavvyStyle}. I often turn... Read more »

How to Wear Color in the Office

This spring and summer, bright colorful denim was everywhere. This trend is fun and worthy of a second glance, but can you wear it at the office? The answer may depend on where you work. A fun, creative office environment may encourage the bright, vivid colors. A traditional office? Maybe not. Well, this week I... Read more »

What to Wear to the Office Gym

What should I wear to work out in my office gym? It’s an interesting question. Technically, you aren’t at work, so I’m not sure there is much of a dress code. But, realistically, you will bump into some of your peers, bosses or mentors, and even the newest members of your team who might just... Read more »

Motivated Monday: Fall Style

I am so excited about the fall fashion trends! I can feel the buzz of fall and am ready to throw on my layers and boots! So for today’s motivated Monday post, I am sharing a little glimpse of fall style. I’ve actually had this shirt for awhile. It isn’t new, but it fits the... Read more »

How to Style Your Summer Dress through Fall: Part III

This week, we’re discussing how you can take your summer dress from summer to fall. I’m showing you 1 summer dress styled 3 different ways, all of which work for fall. First, we talked about pairing your summer dress with fall colors. Second, we talked about adding the perfect layer to your summer dress. And today, we... Read more »

How to Style Your Summer Dress through Fall, Part II

On Monday, I showed you how to take your summer dress from summer to fall when the weather hasn’t really cooled off yet. But, as we know in Chicago, you never know what the weather might do. Today, I want to show you the same summer dress for slightly cooler weather. Style #2: For this... Read more »

How to Style Your Summer Dress through Fall, Part I

This week, I’m going to take a basic black summer dress and show you 3 ways to style it to take it from summer to fall. If your office is business casual and you aren’t quite ready to put away your summer dresses, this is the series for you. I will post a new style... Read more »

How to Accessorize a Basic Black Tee

Choose diamonds, gold, or sterling silver accessories for a classic look.
More than likely, you can get away with wearing basic tees at the office. You just need to dress them up a little, make them look a little nicer than a plain tee. Accessories are the perfect way to do so. Check out these pics for 4 different ways to accessorize a basic black tee!... Read more »

What to Wear to Work When You're Expecting

I’ll be honest. I’m not pregnant. Never have been. I don’t know what it’s like to wake up with a baby bump and wonder what in the world I’m going to put on. I’m at that age where most of my friends are/have been/will soon be pregnant, and I get questioned about maternity styles a... Read more »