One Dress Four Ways

One Dress Four Ways

One thing I like is when I can find new clothes that are versatile. How great is it when you can find an article of clothing that looks like a new piece each time you wear it?! If one item can go from work to date night or from the farmers market to brunch, it's going home with me. And if it can transition through seasons, even better! While I've had this dress for years, it's so popular that it's still for sale. And right now it's 20% off with code SWEET at checkout!

I've styled it four ways here, but you can also wear it on it's own, with a pop of color or a different jacket. If you're into vests (I'm not, but I know I'm the minority here!)  it would also be super cute and perfect for this transition into Chicago's fall. The options are seriously endless. This dress comes in a bunch of colors and patterns and I'm tempted to get more!


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You can add a leopard clutch, or a small red leather bag would be cute with this outfit. These Target boots are my favorites and the ONE thing I look forward to when it gets colder out. You can walk in them forever and for the price they're especially great! I also have them in brown.



I'm always cold, so I love layering. I've also FINALLY found a belt that I like. It's hard to find a belt that fits a small waist without having to punch extra holes into it (and let's be honest, that's a bit beyond me) and with this one, you can slip the buckle into wherever you'd like! Adding a belt is my sneaky way to shorten this dress, you can even blouse out the top of the dress above the belt a bit more and hide the belt completely. I'm learning how to mix patterns so of course I started with my favorite this season - camo!

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Throw on some comfy shoes (I'm living in platform Converse lately) and you can run errands in this outfit or head to a farmers market. If it's cold when you leave the house this sweater is a great throwover that won't be too bulky if you get too warm and want to tie it around your waist or place it into your bag. I got these shoes in both black and white during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, but even when they're not on sale, they're worth the $50! This would also be a cute casual outfit if you're heading out to a pumpkin patch!

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You can even wear this dress to work! I work from home, but if I had to go into an office for a client meeting, I'd add these short booties and a sweater. This is the same sweater as above, and since I'm always cold, I generally can be found with something tied around my waist! If your office is a bit more formal, simply swap the sweater for a blazer. Bonus points if it's a yellow or red blazer! The booties make this a bit more "dressy" or office appropriate while still being comfortable to wear all day.

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Which is YOUR favorite style?

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