5 Fall Date Ideas in Chicago

5 Fall Date Ideas in Chicago

While I start to panic a bit about our upcoming winter once the end of summer hits, I’m working on embracing fall a bit more this year. Rather than my usual leggings and a sweatshirt, I’ve been branching out and actually working on my fall fashion. Chunky sweaters, fleece lined leggings and even jeans are making their way into my closet. I tend to become a bit of a hermit when it gets cold, and while I’ll always love a night on the couch with a movie, I’ve put together 5 fall date night ideas to further help me get into the colder weather season spirit.img_7825

  1. Apple picking


Oddly, I’ve never done this! Perhaps when I was very young, but not that I remember. And I DO love apples! I think this could be a really fun day date idea for a weekend this month, and there are a bunch of spots nearby to check out.


  1. Carve pumpkins


Since getting my house, I’ve had fun doing this and searching online for unique ideas of what to carve into the pumpkins I put out around my house. While I’ve only done this as a solo activity, I think it would be fun to do with a date, and see what you both come up. As a bonus, you then get to relax on the couch together eating your roasted pumpkin seeds!


  1. Go to a game


Of course, this is one of my favorite date ideas no matter the season. We’re lucky here in Chicago that we’ve got so many teams to root for. Basketball is just restarting, the Blackhawks are hitting the ice, it’s not too cold to take in a Bears game yet, and hint hint…the Packers aren’t too long of a drive away!


  1. Take a cooking class


This is another day date idea that I’ve always wanted to try. There are a bunch of restaurants around the city that offer a variety of cooking classes for couples, and after recently watching an episode of Married at First Sight where all the couples took a class together, it renewed my excitement to do this on a date. I’d love to check out The Chopping Block - a cooking school that offers classes and workshops in everything from sushi to bread baking.


  1. Brooklyn Boulders


The couple that belays together stays together! I love active dates. Brooklyn Boulders is great because you don’t need your own equipment, they’ve got all the gear there for you, and they offer multiple courses for those of us, um, not terribly coordinated climbers. An activity like this encourages teamwork and a great feeling of accomplishment after making it up the wall!


What are some of YOUR favorite fall date night ideas? Share them with me in the comments!



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