Supper In The Suburbs: Roka Akor

Supper In The Suburbs: Roka Akor

Roka Akor is a trendy Japanese restaurant with an impressive menu of sushi, steaks and Asian-fusion dishes. While it's been open in (I still call it) Old Orchard for a while, I finally made the trip over last weekend. I'm sorry I waited so long! It was the perfect Saturday night date night restaurant, and absolutely delicious.

If you can, I'd recommend sitting outside, and definitely make reservations if you're going on a weekend night. However, if you would like to watch your food being made, they have a beautiful open kitchen where you can watch the Robata grilling method in action. On a rare not-too-humid evening, we chose to sit outside and were seated in a great spot outside along the sidewalk. Perfect for people watching!

There is an extensive sushi menu, and given any chance to have uni, I had to start with that. It came with lime that the waiter suggested I squeeze over the fish - and while I'm a purist with my uni, it was such a different suggestion that I tried it. I haven't had such fresh sushi here in Chicago. It was perfect, and I was sad I didn't order a couple more pieces.


Uni - Sea Urchin

For an appetizer, we had the crispy squid, which is served with serrano chili and lime.


Crispy Squid

Our second appetizer was the prime beef tataki, served with truffle onion vinaigrette and topped with rock chive.


Prime Beef Tataki


Our first entrée was the 12 oz Ribeye. It is marinated in soy vinaigrette and served in stacked strips that just begs to be shared! It's beautiful presentation perfectly matched it's flavor. It was soft and buttery, cooked exactly as we asked, and there was quite a lot of meat to the dish.


12 oz Ribeye - medium rare

A must for me, anytime I'm in a Japanese restaurant is miso cod. I have a favorite place in Los Angeles in the middle of a block off Fairfax that if you drive by at even the speed limit you will easily miss, but this miso cod from Roka Akor might be better than any I've had.


Yuzu Miso Marinated Black Cod with pickled red onions

While I highly recommend Roka Akor, it IS pricey and not somewhere you can go just anytime. But the presentation of the food, the amazing taste and waiters that are as helpful with recommendations and explanations as can be, it's definitely worth the cost.

Have you been? What are some of your favorite dishes? Tweet me @lucyrk78 or leave me a comment and let me know!



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