Women Supporting Women

Women Supporting Women

As a woman, it’s definitely something you’ve thought about before, talked with your friends about before, perhaps even sat in your car hitting the steering wheel and shaking your head about (what? Just me?) before: It’s the idea of how women treat each other.

Unfortunately, I don’t doubt that every one of us women has a “horror” story about another woman. Whether it’s something that happened between friends growing up, or something having to do with jealousy, or something that has happened at work. Even on TV, it’s a common theme on most reality shows – let’s watch catty women battle it out and fight with each other. Are there so many shows perpetuating this, because producers know women will watch this, since they can relate? What if that was NOT the norm? What if we took a stand and stopped supporting shows and events that set women up to tear each other down?

As I get older, that truly is less of the norm for me. Have I been taken advantage of by other women because I never did see them as competition, and tried to collaborate and support some that I shouldn’t have? Absolutely. Luckily, (and sometimes unluckily!) there’s something inside me that just doesn’t become jaded, and continues to think people really are basically good. So I have still always had a great group of women that not only believed in me, but helped me succeed, while I did the same for them.

Does this mean I never get jealous? Absolutely not. It also doesn’t mean I’m free from thoughts of comparing myself to other women and what I perceive as ideal lives or jobs. But I try to remind myself that things are pretty good on this grass, and the grass you water is always greener.

Social media has given me an opportunity to meet and learn from some really amazing women that I never would have had the opportunity to meet. There are great Twitter chats FILLED with women building each other up and looking for ways to help each other. What if that truly was the new norm? What if we didn’t have to call it the “new” norm?

What is something we can each do today to let another woman in our lives know how important she is, or see how we might be able to support her a bit more?



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