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Mayor Emanuel stars in The Privatization Monkey opening city wide Friday December 28th

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel stars in this epic spanning film opening this Friday, December 28th at Chicago’s Midway Airport. It’s a tale of gain and more gain when simple gaining was not enough… to gain. See movers and shakers giggle, prance and wiggle with joy!  Enjoy the festivities as parking meters trumpet your arrival ! ... Read more »

Beware the Tyranny of Government!

The sixth sense of Rahm Emanuel: "I see Private Equity Boys"


Fractured Fairy Tales: Chicago Style

Chicago..the most corrupt area in the country

Citizens United !


Finance Schmynance: Austerity Forever

"My Education" by Mayor Rahm Emauel

Health Care Premiums must go up


" Everything must Go !" - Mayor Emanuel (Wholesale without Borders)

” Everything must Go!”- Mayor Emanuel (Wholesale without Borders)