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How to Host a Corporate Event

The value of face-to-face networking can’t be overstated in the corporate world. Yes, we have amazing technology that can help us be more productive and empower collaboration across oceans, borders and time zones, but sometimes you just need to get people in the same room. A corporate event does just that. It creates a safe... Read more »

How to Open a Restaurant in Chicago

The culinary elite will attest that Chicago sits at or near the top of the foodie pecking order in the United States. Revered for everything from sidewalk hot dogs to Asian fusion to flaming Saganaki, the people of the Windy City are not easily impressed, which makes starting a restaurant business there no small order.... Read more »

How to Go the Extra Mile for Your Employees

Employees who work hard deserve the same treatment. As a small business owner, it’s your job to treat your staff when they go the extra mile — here are five tried-and-true ways to show your gratitude for their hard work. 1. Improve Work-Life Balance As the boss, you get to delegate how much each person... Read more »

Small Business? You Still Need to Teach Employees About Sexual Harassment

All employees should understand the legal implications of sexual harassment. However, that doesn’t change the fact that small businesses are viewed differently under the law than large corporations. So what does that mean if you’re a small business owner? Are you helpless in the face of inappropriate behavior? No. You have more responsibility than ever... Read more »

How to Show Appreciation for Employees

Managing people is all about bringing out their best. In the past, that might have come by way of fear, but science and experience taught us that people respond much better to positive than negative reinforcement. Many great employees exist, and losing them should be your greatest fear as a manager. So to keep those... Read more »

What to Do If Your Office Has an Ant Problem

Pests know no bounds — just as they’ll invade your home, they have no problem taking refuge in an office. And, although the space might be larger than the confines of your abode, you can still banish ants from your workspace. Try the following six steps. 1. Track the Ants Understanding ant behavior proves vital... Read more »

How to Plan a Company Retreat

Company retreats offer opportunities for staff members to connect at a deeper level. They allow for improved morale, communication and cooperation at the office. How can business leaders design retreats meeting these objectives? The answer lies in understanding what makes people tick. Follow the tips below to plan a company retreat your employees will look... Read more »

How to Purchase and Use a Work Vehicle

Technology has made the world a smaller place, but for some jobs, you’ve still got to get in the car and drive. Using your personal vehicle for work tasks might suffice if it’s once every blue moon, but consistent travel, it’s best to use a company-provided car. Purchasing a vehicle for corporate use is a... Read more »

How to Keep Your Employees Safe

Putting safety first isn’t just a cute adage anymore — in many cases, it’s the law. It might mean ensuring your employees are properly trained on how to safely use power equipment, that they understand the implications of safe internet browsing, or that you need to complete a workplace safety drill for a crisis situation.... Read more »

How to Keep Small Business Energy Bills Down

As a small business owner, you likely spend plenty of time thinking about how to cut costs and boost your overall profitability. One way to do it is to reduce the amount of energy your company uses, thus decreasing the amount you have to pay for utilities each month. In some cases, a small swap... Read more »