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6 Ways to Get Your Employees to Enjoy Time at the Office

Positive work morale and culture are vital to company success because, without people, you have no company. Ideally, teams move together like a school of fish in harmony, working toward the greater good of the employer — but that doesn’t mean your employees don’t have individual desires and ideas for what makes an enjoyable time... Read more »

How to Make Your Workspace Handicap-Friendly

As a business owner, you want to make sure you’re catering to all potential clients and not limiting yourself when it comes to hiring the best employees. To accomplish this task, you need to make sure your business can accommodate the needs of differently abled individuals. On the long list of things you have to... Read more »

Should You Make Uniforms for Your Employees?

Providing employees with shirts or uniforms can be a superb way to promote teamwork and professionalism. With poor implementation, however, uniforms can result in worse job performance and distractions. Whether or not you provide your employees with apparel depends on the situation, occupation and staff, making weighing the pros and cons of uniforms a worthwhile... Read more »

How to Choose the Perfect Business Truck

There’s no vehicle more skillful than a truck, but different trucks excel in various roles. When outfitting your commercial operation with vehicles, it’s important to know what’s available and how the different choices you make will make the job easier. Not only do you need to consider features, but you also must take into consideration... Read more »

How to Use YouTube in Your Marketing

When it comes to marketing, you must diversify your techniques to reach a variety of potential customers. Using online outlets, such as social media, blogs and videos, is one method to help you arrive at a larger audience. That’s why YouTube can be an effective way to market your business. The beautiful thing about using... Read more »

Should You Advertise Your Business on Your own Car?

Targeted outdoor advertising typically reaches about 95% of consumers. What better way to reach even more people than with an ad that travels around all day along? A vehicle wrap is essentially a moving billboard. It isn’t limited to just one location on the road, but people will spot it in parking lots, at stop... Read more »

What to Expect in Your First Year of Owning a Business

The first year of owning a business can provide a variety of frustrations and setbacks, but you’ll probably be pleased to hear that few businesses fail in the first 365 days. The US Department of Labor finds that 75% of businesses survive the first year, with 50% making it to five years. Sustaining a business... Read more »

5 Ways to Increase Security in Your Business

As a business owner, you probably know there are many different threats facing your company. From potential break-ins to the dangers of cyber hacks, there are a number of ways someone can do damage to your business just because they found a weak spot in your security. Having the right security systems in place is... Read more »

How to Build a New Office Building

The process of erecting your own office building isn’t as straightforward or simple as constructing your own house. Not only are there specific zoning restrictions to follow, there’s also the issue of finding a property that fits your vision. Depending on the size, scale and scope of your facility, locating the ideal site could be... Read more »

How to Buy a Vehicle for Your Business

When you’re a small business owner, you’ve got to understand assets and liabilities. Your personal vehicle might be a liability, but purchasing for your business, you want an asset. That means you want your car purchase to add value. It needs to pay for itself in the work it does, and one day, if you... Read more »