8 Great Team Building Events Your Employees Will Love

Every team can benefit from getting out and having some fun together. The camaraderie and the bonding that comes out of these events not only makes work more fun, it helps you form productive, strong relationships that deliver results.

You've probably considered or even held team building events in the past, but were they just social gatherings, or did you actually form stronger bonds. We've put together a short list of our favorite ways to bring the team together and hold an event that encourages stronger relationships as in addition to offering a change from the daily grind.

Hit the Arcade


Now that many adults can recall a time when they enjoyed button-mashing as a kid, it's fun to get nostalgic with a visit to the local arcade. You can make this a fun team building activity by breaking into teams and holding a scavenger hunt for facts about different games, or by awarding points for team spirit.

Hold a Pot Luck

This one might work well with a smaller team where everyone can get involved. Encourage everyone to craft their favorite dish for sharing and then set the dishes out with labels so teammates can swap recipes!

Attend a Sporting Event


If your company is located close to a popular sports team, why not take them out for a fun night at the stadium! Encourage conversation with some fun, non-monetary betting on how the game goes.

Go Karting

For a nice blend of competitive and exciting team building action, why not head down to the go kart track? It's a good way to get people out of their comfort zone, and if you've got some gearheads on the team the'll be certain to get a kick out of this one.

Ascend a Ropes Course

An excellent way to strengthen team communication and overcome fears, rope courses put people in a safe but challenging environment where they must communicate and collaborate to get through the course. An excellent choice for executive teams where real bonding is needed.

Go Sailing

Have you ever tried piloting a sailboat? It's not as simple as it seems. If your company is located near good sailing, you can take the team out for a beautiful day on the water and challenge them to learn a thing or two about how to set a tack and navigate a course.

Do some Kareoke


This might go over better with more socially-adjusted teams, but it makes for a great time and lots of laughs. Make it a friendly competition and give extra points for duets and team involvement to keep things interesting.

Take a Cooking Class

What's better than a team-building event where you come away with a full belly and some skills you can use to feed the family? Local cooking schools often offer classes on things like knife skills, sushi making and even how to pair food and wine, so maybe plan this one on a Friday, wink wink.

These are some of our favorite team building activities, but you can make lots of fun communal events into team building. Have you got a suggestion that we didn't list here? Leave a comment below and share it for your fellow readers to enjoy!

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