What Your Bathroom Says About Your Company

You wouldn't invite a date over to a home with a disgusting, dingy bathroom, would you? So what would you say to someone who invites you to their business and expects you to use such a space? Yes, it's a different setting, but it's equally inappropriate.

Bathrooms and bathroom etiquette say a lot about you, and in a corporate setting, that message is going out to every one of your guests and employees. Show those people who visit your restroom you respect and consider them by creating a comfortable, clean space for them to freshen up. Here are some ways to do that.


Use Quality Materials

To create a space that sends a positive message about your company, consider how you'd build a bathroom in your home. You probably wouldn't use tacky, ultra-low-cost materials that will need replacing in a few short years just to save a few dollars. That's not something you can come home to and feel comfortable about.

Similarly, you should outfit your office bathroom with quality materials that will hold up and make a statement about your business. Consider using individual mirrors, rather than one large piece of glass, investing in a vanity and easy-to-use hands-free sinks and dryers. Choose a good-looking, solid set of partitions, so people feel they have some privacy. And consider not just appearance, but durability. The more traffic your bathroom gets, the more it needs to stand up to abuse.


Keep It Clean

One of the most offensive things a person can come across in your restroom is an overflowing trash can. Make sure your bathroom isn't just well-built, but well-maintained. Failing to maintain it will immediately give the impression that your company doesn't care about hygiene and subjects its employees to substandard working conditions. Have a regular maintenance schedule and consider installing a feedback mechanism so tenants can alert you if something needs attention.

Extra Points for Style

Interior of a hotel bathroom

If you own a restaurant or bar where you see consistent new customers, a unique bathroom can be a neat under-the-radar marketing scheme. People don't expect style or humor from a business' restroom, so when you manage to make an impact, it sticks. Your clientele will be eager to tell their friends about how great the place they just visited was, and oh, the bathroom is a must-see, too.

There are lots of fun things you can do, from a bright and colorful paint scheme to the just-right selection of background music or commentary. Bathrooms don't have to be boring.

Whatever your bathroom says about your company, make sure it's positive. Ultimately, it's a space that can be a huge positive when you take time to do it right, but that gets neglected all too often. People notice the little things, and while many businesses think a simple, cheap bathroom is all they need to succeed, you can take steps to differentiate your establishment in a room where everyone needs to go now and again.

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