8 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Employees

We appreciate our employees every single day, but they might not realize it unless we take steps to show them. More than half of employees will quit working at a company where they don't feel appreciated. Employee barbecues and monetary bonuses are always great, but they get old after a while. Here are eight unique ways to show your employees how much you appreciate them.


  1. Celebrate Birthdays

Many people will work through their birthdays, choosing to celebrate after work or not at all in favor of meeting a deadline or finishing a project. Don't let those birthdays pass you by — celebrate them instead! Bring in a cake or cater a meal for your employees on their birthday, and gift them a day off they can use at any time in the future. Do the same for work anniversaries.

  1. Casual Friday Any Day


If you work in a high-stress industry and your team usually wears business or business casual attire, why not give them a break? Declare a random casual day where your employees can come to work in jeans, shorts, T-shirts or other casual and comfortable clothing. You can even let your employees pick your casual day, so they can choose what works best for them.

  1. Revive the Thank-You Note

Saying thank you to your employees is a great way to show your appreciation, but it's not as personal as sending a note. Take the time to write a handwritten note to your employees to thank them for a job well done and let them know you appreciate them.

  1. The Gift of Chance

Gifts or prizes for a job well done are a great way to show appreciation. Why not give your employee the gift of chance with a scratch-off lottery ticket? These fun little cards can provide the recipient a chance to win some extra money, which can endear them to you even more.

  1. Feed Them


Everyone loves free food or snacks. Show employees your appreciation by feeding them. Provide meals in the breakroom or cater lunch to thank them for beating a deadline or meeting a sales goal. You could even plan an indoor food truck, where leadership pushes a cart through the office delivering sandwiches, ice cream or hot drinks.

  1. Work-From-Home Days

If you work in an industry that permits it, consider having work-from-home days. Set your crew up with a Slack chat so they can communicate from home and let them work in the comfort of their living room in their pajamas. Even if you don't have any full-time telecommuting employees, this can be a great treat.

  1. Charitable Donations

Do your employees have a favorite charity they support regularly? If so, consider a sizable donation to that charity in honor of your employee. Not only will you be supporting a good cause, but you are also doing so in celebration of your employee and their accomplishments.

  1. Ask Them

Why not ask your employees what they would like as a mark of your appreciation? You might get some fantastic ideas, and you will be sure your gestures are appreciated.

Don't just tell your employees you appreciate them. Take the time to show them, through gifts, gestures or handwritten thank-you notes. An employee that feels appreciated will go above and beyond to meet goals and complete projects on time, which is good for business as well as morale.

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