How to Keep Your Business Clean

Most business owners can agree that their primary responsibility is serving the customer. However, running a successful business requires more than just service and a smile, and no owner should neglect the secondary responsibilities of their role — like keeping a standard of cleanliness in their store.

Whether they're serving deep-dish pizza or custom arrangements from a small flower boutique, Chicago business owners should hold themselves to the same measure of hygiene, regardless of industry. There are simple and effective ways to handle the subject of health and safety.

Here are a few methods of maintaining a clean business that any owner can put to use.


Daily Inspections

From time to time, business owners let cleanliness fall by the wayside. With all the stress of managing a successful operation, cutting corners is common. However, the small, seemingly insignificant issues that an owner chooses to dismiss can build up at an alarming rate into an unavoidable expense and serious hazard.

Chicago business owners should include a cursory inspection of their store or office in their daily routine. The extra few moments they spend moving from room to room, ensuring everything is in its proper place, can catch a tiny problem before it grows into a costly one. Awareness is key to good maintenance.

Perpetual Cleanup

At the end of a lengthy day, employees want to pack up and go home. Tacking an extra half-hour to the end of their shift to manage unexpected cleanup can hurt both morale and efficiency, resulting in a lose-lose for everyone involved. Fortunately, there's a simple solution that only takes a small change in policy.

Instead of blocking off time for scheduled cleanup, business owners can incorporate the task into their employee's other duties. Their staff can handle messes as they happen, managing spills and spots between other obligations. This allows for a consistency in cleanliness while cutting down on unnecessary overtime.


Hired Services

For operations where the collective effort of the workforce isn't enough to keep a cleanly space, hired help is a necessity. A business owner that relies on their staff to do the job of a professional will soon find that their choice to delegate ultimately costs them more money in the long run than it saves.

While smaller spills are simple enough to clean without equipment, there comes a point when a proprietor needs to accept that a job is beyond their ability or optimistic DIY attitude. In these circumstances, a business owner should consider a cleaning service in their area as an alternative to labor-intensive hand scrubbing.

Business Owners Take Note

Keeping a clean business is simple, given the right perspective and the application of best practices. Through daily inspections on the part of the business owner, the incorporation of continuous cleanup duty into employees' other tasks and a little help from a hired service, cleanliness is a nonissue.


Chicago is a beautiful city with a rich history. Business owners should contribute to this beauty — not only as proprietors, but also as representatives of their community.

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