Should You Teach Self-Defense to Your Employees?

Learning self-defense is a great way to work out and help you feel safer in potentially dangerous situations. If you work in an unsafe area of your home city, it can make you feel a little safer while you're walking to or from your car or public transportation. As a small business owner, should you consider teaching your employees self-defense?


Corporate Wellness Programs

Many companies have started offering corporate wellness programs to help improve the health and morale of their employees. These can vary from fresh food options in the office cafeteria to workout programs, gym membership discounts and other benefits designed to make their employees happier and healthier. Some even offer tropical retreats once a year. It's enough to make anyone want a corporate job, right?

These programs have been shown to help increase productivity and boost employee achievement. It also allows you to attract some of the best talent in the industry and develop your workforce into a force to be reckoned with. If offering workout options and healthy food can do all that, what about offering self-defense classes?

Self Defense Saves Lives

Companies that offer self-defense classes for their employees are doing more than just making their employees healthier – they could be saving their lives. One jogger in Pittsburgh was able to use the skills that she learned in an employer-offered self-defense class to protect herself from a sex offender who attacked her during a run in March of 2017.

Her employer sponsored a two-hour class at local dojo Fighting Chance Seattle, and she used the skills that she learned during that class to fight back, and eventually trap the offender in the bathroom until police arrived. She was injured but alive and safe, thanks to the self-defense class.

Teaching Your Employees

Should you consider offering self-defense classes for your employees? What about gun safety and self-defense classes, considering 15% of firearm-owners carry for self-defense?

In general, the answer is yes. Self-defense classes can help make your employees healthier and safer, but those aren't the only benefits. Studies have found that having employees trained in self-defense can help to reduce workplace violence. These courses can also improve employee confidence. Higher confidence levels help to enhance employee productivity overall and can even help develop leadership potential in current or new employees.

It can also help foster inter-office friendships and strengthen teams within your company. Traditional team building exercises can be boring or silly. Instead, offer some team-building self-defense classes that your employees with both enjoy and benefit from.

For individuals who are interested in applying for a concealed carry permit, you could also consider offering sponsored gun safety classes. Even if you don't allow guns on your property or in your building, it is still a useful skill to learn, so you may have many people who are interested in taking advantage of that opportunity.


If you have the option in your area, consider adding self-defense lessons to your corporate wellness program. It will be good for you, your employees and your overall office morale. Self-defense classes a great way to make your office more welcoming and keep your employees happy and healthy.

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