Should You Have Reserved Parking for Your Employees?

Congratulations on opening a small business and reaching the point where you can afford to hire and pay employees to help balance out the workload. Now that you've established your small business, it's time to start considering whether you should have reserved parking for your employees. What are the pros and cons of reserved employee parking?


Pro: Punctual Employees

If your business is in a crowded metropolis, your staff may complain if they can't find somewhere to park. Having reserved parking spaces means your employees won't have to worry about being late because there isn't anywhere nearby to park their cars.

Con: Fewer Customer Parking Spaces

If your employees can't find anywhere to park, chances are your customers won't be able to, either. Reserving some parking spots for your employees means customers have fewer places to park, and may turn away in favor of other shopping opportunities. If your store doesn't get a lot of traffic or you've got a large parking lot, this might not be a problem, but it is something to consider. To make sure you get fit the most cars for the space available, always put your parking spaces at 90-degree angles instead of diagonal. You’ll fit more people and have less complaints.


Pro: Keeping Employees in Mind

Reserved parking allows you to keep your employees in mind and show them your appreciation. You can assign a parking spot close to the door for your employee of the month, for a mom-to-be who is getting close to her due date or an employee who has recently had surgery. It’s another tool you can use to show your employees you really care.

Con: Parking Space Resentment

If you're not careful, though, having reserved or assigned parking spaces for your employees can breed resentment in the ranks. Employees who get assigned spots further away from the door may feel they deserve to park closer, and those who park closer may feel they are entitled to those spots. Be careful your parking assignments aren't a source of problems or bitterness.

Pro: Readily Available Employees

If you must call in employees due to a sick staffer or a hectic day, having nearby parking can make that a lot simpler. It can also allow you to keep more extended hours, because your employees won't have to rely on public transportation that might stop running before you close your doors for the night.

Con: Parking Space Abuse

Having reserved parking for employees might lead to them abusing those spaces — in other words, leaving their cars in the lot for days on end while they're on a business trip or abandoning a non-functioning car in the lot and refusing to pay to have it towed. If you plan to implement reserved parking spaces, ensure the rules are clear before you roll out the plan.

Reserved parking can be an excellent tool, especially if parking is at a premium in your area, but it can also breed resentment or lead to your employees taking unfair advantage. Make sure your staffers are clear on the rules before you start offering reserved parking spaces.

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