What to Make Your Employees REALLY Happy? Update Your Bathrooms

People spend roughly 90 percent of their time indoors, so it makes sense that the quality of indoor spaces matter. The cleanliness and organization of your restrooms directly reflect your business and how it’s run.

If your company’s restroom looks like a scene out of a horror movie, chances are people aren’t going to want to use it unless it’s a last resort. This isn’t the best way to welcome a potential client or someone interviewing for a job. It’s certainly not ideal conditions for current employees either.


Bathroom cleanliness and organization impacts health, perception and turnover rates for your company — why wouldn’t this be something you would want to have under control? Location and accessibility are also important factors to consider.

If you have gender-segregated restrooms in your office but want to promote communication between genders — the proximity of each facility plays a role.

If they are close together, chances are there will be higher communication between men and women. When spread farther apart, however, same-gender communication may be the more prominent form. Stalls that are ADA-accessible make a significant impact on anyone who lives with a disability, and offering gender-neutral or single stall restrooms is another way to be inclusive and provide a safe-space to employees and visitors.

If you want people to feel happy and comfortable, offer a restroom that reflects the amazing culture that you get to work in.

How to Go from Drab Room to Fab Room

Restroom improvements and updates come in all forms. You can add little luxuries or change the look of the room itself.

Businesses are straying more and more from restrooms with no frills. Instead, they are in line with a pleasant user experience rather than a basic sensory nightmare. Think of what you prefer in a bathroom space, what would you want to have access to?

Small Improvements that go a Long Way — Give users access to things like paper towels, tissues and first aid kits. Painkillers, personal hygiene products and air purifying sprays also help others feel more at home.

Be sure to keep the area clean and dry as well. Always make sure that the soap dispenser is full, there’s a stockpile of toilet paper and enough paper towels unless you use a hand dryer.

Design Improvements for a Snazzy Space — Overall design affects people’s perception of your space. Different colors impact your emotions and can make people feel certain ways about the room that they’re in. Choose a color or wallpaper that is fun, upscale and easy to clean.

Add shelves to upgrade the amount of space available. You can add anything from lotion to plants — plus it makes the area look warm and inviting.

Full-length mirrors, art and even some music can also add a bit of class and comfort.

Clean Spaces Means Happy Faces


A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you actually like the space that you’re in. Chances are if you don’t, your coworkers and clients don’t either.
You won’t reflect a solid company with dirty mirrors.

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