What Happens If Your Storefront Gets Damaged in a Storm

A storm can wreak havoc on your storefront. Each year, severe winds from storms result in billions of dollars in damages for homes and businesses across the United States.

After a severe storm, many business owners wonder what’s next. A prompt response to the damage is crucial for businesses to get back up and running, ensuring business flow remains as continuous as possible.


Use a Disaster Recovery Service

The response to a severe storm should involve hiring a disaster recovery service. These services employ professionals who are very familiar with storm damage, while also being aware of the importance of providing business owners access to relevant documents.

Disaster recovery services are particularly adept at document recovery. They have full knowledge of time-critical scenarios that involve document recovery, such as the fact that mold appears in unventilated areas within 48 hours. The conditions of a hurricane, which typically include high humidity and high temperatures, accommodate this mold growth even more.

Disaster recovery specialists often use a desiccant air-dry distribution system, which enables reliable and efficient document access throughout the restoration process. The professionals work with your business to reduce humidity through the increase of air circulation, with strategic placement of fans, dehumidifiers and dryers also playing a helpful role.

Businesses should have a reliable disaster recovery service ready to call in case a storm wreaks havoc on their storefront.


Recovering Data and Repairing Equipment

Data and equipment are among the most common things businesses worry about in the aftermath of a storm. Disaster recovery services can aid in ensuring data recovery and various repairs, though companies can also take precautions on their own.

If you anticipate the storm, remove your hard drives and store them in a safe location. If the storm hits and hard drives are still in devices, remove them and contact a company that specializes in hard and soft disc recovery. Most importantly, do not turn on any computers or devices. Water damage can cause electrical shorting and result in damaged memory.

For equipment, consult a service professional to dry steel machines and copy machines as soon as possible. Often, equipment can undergo repair and be fine. However, data loss can be a killer for business, with more than 40 percent of companies never even reopening after a catastrophic data loss.

Cleanup and Rebooting the Cash Flow

Even after consulting disaster recovery specialists and repairing equipment, the storefront needs to undergo an intense cleaning. Consult with local authorities for clarity on proper disposal procedures, since some materials may require recycling. For example, green shrubbery can recycle into wood chips.

Moisture is the primary concern during cleanup. Dry your storefront to prevent the continued growth of mold and microorganisms.

Also, be sure to get the most out of federal aid. Especially in significant storms where a state of emergency is active at some point, small businesses and homes can receive substantial aid. Such aid, in addition to the precautionary and post-storm measures noted here, can enable a company to resume operations in a reasonable timeframe after a strong storm.

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