How to Update Physical Security for Your Business

If you’re new in business, you’re probably considering how you can protect your assets. Acquiring a space and keeping it secure with expensive equipment and potentially a point of sale inside requires some planning.

Contrary to what Hollywood suggests, men with large biceps are not the best way to keep your small business secure. Instead, it’s best to have a little foresight and invest in upgraded security measures. Technology provides a number of ways to improve on the standard lock-and-key approach. Here are a few suggestions:

Not Just Any Lock and Key

Despite the passage of time, the most likely points of failure for your building are the doors. But you don’t have to settle for the locks that come on the building, consider installing a set of smart locks, or even keyless entry.

Smart locks can be controlled using an app on your cell phone and can be programmed to lock behind you even if you forget. Keyless entry eliminates the components that criminals might try to pick for even more security.

Install a Surveillance System


If your place of business has valuable items inside, it’s wise to install a few cameras. Modern surveillance solutions are extremely compact and difficult to detect. They use motion sensors and come on anytime they detect activity. The ability to communicate with the would-be-thief comes with some systems.

The ability to recognize the suspect will help your case and keep criminals off the street.

Train Your Employees

Human error is one of the most difficult factors to account for. People are much more complicated than a camera or lock, which can fail. That’s why it is critical that you impress on your employees the importance of practicing secure entrance and exit techniques.

If you’ve installed smart locks or keyless entry, this gets a little simpler. Regardless of how you lock the building, have a closing procedure where a single responsible individual takes ownership for securing the building before they finish for the day. Make sure they know the procedure and can demonstrate it for you.

Learn to Recognize Threats

Taking things a step farther from training employees on how to shut the business down safely. Learning how to recognize a social engineering threat is important for all employees. If you’re not familiar with social engineering, it’s a term used to refer to the practice of using technology to manipulate people.

People are easier targets than technology, so employees should know how to recognize suspicious requests such as diverging account information related to the business, or even the address of the business if they’re not communicating with a legitimate source. Know how to question a caller to see if they are legitimate and hold email communications in high suspicion.

Focus on People

In this era of increased technology, some things don’t change. You still need to understand how to secure your investment, and that starts with people. Don’t get lazy and end up in a bad situation.

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