Why Your Business Should Honor Veterans Day

Veterans Day is unfortunately a holiday that’s looked over way too often, when it should be one of our most important. Veterans Day is the day where we celebrate the men and women who have fought for our country—and that’s something that should definitely be recognized. Here’s why your business should honor it.


It’s Easier Than You Think

You might think it’s tricky for a small business to give Veterans Day the respect and recognition it deserves. But there are a lot of ways your business can contribute. It can be as simple as making a banner welcoming veterans or even just thanking them for their service. Offer a discount for veterans for that day. Set up a donation jar for people to give spare change and cash and donate it to a Veterans foundation.

You can also show respect by closing down for the day. It’s easier to do this at a small business than it is for a big chain. Close for the day, and maybe round up interested employees to go to a local Veterans Day parade or event. Give your employees the chance to really talk to some veterans and understand why this is such an important holiday.

Compete With Bigger Chains

There’s a good chance that almost all bigger chain stores and restaurants offer veteran discounts or special offers. Customers may be more likely to go to a store that they know supports veterans and veterans especially will want to go places where they get a discount. Apple offers discounts on their computer products, Nike offers 10 percent off of all purchases and Disney World has days where veterans can get in for free.


While you may not be able to offer quite as much off, there’s a huge benefit to both being a local business and offering veterans discounts. People will want to shop locally to help support and get certain products, and they’ll appreciate the fact that you support a great cause. Veterans may seek out your store as it offers more personal service as well. It’s a great way to earn loyal customers.

Get Your Name Out There While Helping

When you’re looking at community events for Veterans Day, see if you can be a sponsor for the event. If you’re a restaurant, consider handing out samples or catering it. For other businesses, try handing out little things with your logo or just providing whatever service you can. Giving back to the community is always good, and it gets your business name in people’s minds.

Sponsoring an event can both help Veterans Day and your business, so it’s a win-win. Show the community you support the troops and want to give back. In exchange, you’ll gain a favorable opinion and hopefully a dedicated client base.

Veterans Day is something important, and as a small business owner, you have the authority to make sure your business acknowledges that. Honor our country’s veterans and let them know you appreciate both their service to the country and the honor of them patronizing your business.

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