How to Use Newsjacking as a Content Strategy

Want to dramatically increase your traffic? You just have to do one thing.

Pay attention to the news.

You can use current events to drive new traffic to your website. These current events don’t even have to directly relate to your website’s niche. You’re probably wondering how this could be done. Well the answer is simple – newsjacking.

What Is Newsjacking?

Newsjacking is a marketing tactic where a brand takes advantage of breaking news and adds their tone to gain social traction. You might see a brand tweet about something they had nothing to do with, but they get a lot of interaction because they put their spin on something that is trending.

Newsjacking can easily be used as a content strategy. You can maximize the amount of visits to your website by using something that’s popular in the news and making it relate to your niche. Here are a few strategies to help you newsjack your content.

1.    Instant Breaking News


The most efficient way to utilize newsjacking is to publish your content as the story is still breaking. That way your article or blog post will be one of the first on the Internet about that news story, and your spin on it will be different from the other articles already online. This will get new eyes on your content, and your loyal readers will be eager to read your opinion on the story.

You can monitor certain keywords or topics, and get notifications when something big is happening. That way you’re on top of it and can get your post out as quickly as possible. Make sure you have enough details before you publish, since you don’t want to release false information. Create an outline of the article you want to write, and then include details from the news story when you have enough information.

2.    Detailed Recap

You don’t have to have an article ready right as a story breaks. Instead, you can wait a few hours until you have every detail, and then write a killer article that associates information from the news story with the helpful post that you’re writing.

People sometimes appreciate a detailed recap of what happened more because it’s difficult to trust some websites that publish false information just to get their article out first. Take your time and really write something that’ll peak the readers’ interest.

3.    Upcoming Event

Take a look at big events that might be coming up soon. Try to come up with an article that links your content with that event, and start to prepare that article so it’s ready on the day that event happens. For example, a marketing blog might have an article ready about different techniques used by this year’s Super Bowl commercials.

superbowl-metlife-stadium (1)

Think outside of major holidays, and come up with things that might fit around your business that happen every year. For example, when tax season was approaching, BDO published an article about the UK enacting a tax for diverted profits. Instead of posting an article about the tax being enacted, BDO posted a very helpful guide that makes readers understand the tax and how it will affect them. This was a perfect way to jump on a current event that can be planned for every year.

Pay Attention

You can’t take advantage of newsjacking unless you’re constantly paying attention to the news. Make sure you’re on top of current events so you can boost your traffic.

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