Getting Creative with Youtube Marketing

With the right amount of creativity, YouTube can be an unparalleled source of marketing success.

As the third most-used search engine in the world, YouTube can connect you with more potential visitors than even the most popular television channel. Whether it's the 400 tweets per minute containing a YouTube video or the constant linkage to videos on Facebook walls, anyone who uses social media is well aware that YouTube remains extremely popular. It's unlikely the video platform's popularity will wane anytime soon, too.

The YouTube market is one that would be a mistake to miss out on. To start taking advantage of its extraordinary marketing potential, consider the tips below:

Create Tutorials/How-To's

One of the most commonly searched-for keywords on YouTube begins with the words "how to." By nature, we humans are a curious bunch with a willingness to learn. Tutorials on YouTube have become very popular as a result. Your brand can take advantage of this by creating a tutorial that involves your industry somehow. It could be a home improvement business providing painting tips, or a local gym providing helpful yoga positions. If you post a video that people can learn from, they may become be impressed by your expertise and become clients.

Separate from Competitors

University of Phoenix Online attracts new students daily with a YouTube channel that goes outside the box by offering major-specific advice, testimonials and job search tips. Their ability to extend beyond the dullness of a typical college on YouTube - where not much is usually found beyond picture slideshows and an interview with the dean - is one of the reasons they are well-known. Always strive to have more useful YouTube content than competitors; interested consumers will take note.

This channel and many others also benefit from showing a “behind the scenes” look at the topic presented in the video. Whether it’s an introduction of employees or a campus walk-through, a peek at what goes on beyond the marketing facade will make potential leads feel more trusting.

Take Advantage of What You Have

After uploading worthwhile content to YouTube, ask yourself which personal connections and resources could help expose/promote the video. For example, Caterpillar construction equipment dealer Gregory Poole shared Caterpillar's fantastic video showing Caterpillar machines playing a huge game of Jenga. Normally this would cost someone a hefty price to create this, but since it was already made by CAT, all Gregory Poole had to do was share it.

In addition to the tips above, be sure to follow YouTube basics to help get your content discovered. This includes utilizing keywords in the video description, allowing your videos to be fast-forwarded, keeping video to less than five minutes and having your own YouTube channel so you can tout your own audience and subscribers. YouTube marketing can be extremely powerful with the right amount of creativity and attentiveness; these tips can help any business get a jumpstart on YouTube marketing success.


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