Here's to Christmas treats

Last time, Six Pack confessed that he is a Christmas music connoisseur.

This time, Six Pack gets to admit something new — he is also a Christmas treat freak.

A few years ago, my family gave up the traditional large Christmas dinner in lieu of what we now affectionately call "snacky time." Don't feel sorry for me; Six Pack wants it that way.

While I am never against strapping on the old feedbag at a large Christmas dinner, it is nice to just nibble away all day. There's not as much stress in the preparation and not quite the mess, unless my mom gets us all a bottle of whiskey like in 1994, leading to what we now call "the year we weren't wise men." Let's also not forget 1990, the year I learned sugar-free chocolate "might" have a laxative effect.

But alas, this Six Pack is neither about holiday intoxication nor dysenteric distress. Instead, it is the top six Christmas treats, and surprisingly, they're not all sweet candy treats, either.

6) Pretzels covered in white chocolate —
Well, the first few are sweet treats. White chocolate makes everything taste better. It can't help coconut, sorry, but it does make pretzels immensely better. So much, in fact, you don't even need beer to wash them down.

5) Sugar cookies with frosting — Sugar cookies, I can walk by in a food line, but the ones with the sugar frosting and sprinkles on top, well, will power, you fought the good fight but .... Santa Claus also likes them, so he gets a few extra when he stops by Six Pack’s home, along with an extra large cup of milk.

4) Summer Sausage — While I do not sing a song like South Park's Eric Cartman professing my love for a Swiss Colony Beef Log, I do enjoy summer sausage probably more than a person should. Swiss Colony commercials had me hooked in the 1980s, but now I don't care if it is Hickory Farms, Johnsonville or some other brand. I volunteer to bring this appetizer to the family gathering every year. This year, someone else might get to eat some, as well.

3) Chex Party Mix — Six Pack’s mom is to be blamed for this one. She begins making the stuff before Thanksgiving, and she's made 27 batches so far this year. Six Pack thinks she puts illegal, addictive drugs in it because the family just can't stop eating it. My kids fight over it, too, but they pick out individual items. I attack it by the handfuls, not discriminating between chex and pretzels and peanuts. As the oldest in my house, I claim all crumbs and any leftover secret sauce residue.

2) Dried beef cheese ball — Many cheese balls abound, but I want the Philadelphia Cream Cheese ball with dried beef and green onions chopped up in it. Then I want crackers, Ritz or Town House, it doesn't matter. Knife and plate are optional. I have been a good boy this year, Santa. You get me this, and I won't ask for anything until next year.

1) Peanut Blossoms —
Great at any temperature, Six Pack finds them best just seconds after the Hershey kiss is placed on the warm cookie. That way, Hershey kiss is still smooshy. They might be the greatest cookie confection ever, and that includes chocolate chip and white chocolate macadamia nut. With no real tie-in to Christmas, why don't we ever see them in July and August? Don't have an answer, but I am willing to do some research, if the research includes eating more peanut blossoms.

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