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Judging the book by it's cover

I recently had a conversation with a woman who works with a minority population in an impoverished community. In this conversation she was very adamant about disliking the people she worked with, stating that they are rude, uneducated and lazy. She stated that when some clients come to ask for assistance with documents or other... Read more »

Emanuel Disavows 25% of School Kids, Is One of Them Yours?

According to the Chicago’s Teacher Union President, Karen Lewis, Mayor Rahm Emanuel stated that 25% of Chicago’s youth will never become anything. How disheartening is that to hear, especially from one of the city’s top leaders? Is this a realistic fact or one man’s opinion? As a student of Chicago Public Schools (CPS), I read... Read more »

Your Child’s History Didn’t Begin at Slavery

So it is black history month where commercials are slightly more ethnic, old TV shows, such as Roots, are aired and teachers pull out old cut outs of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. For those of us privileged enough to attend Chicago Public Schools, you know the curriculum very well, mainly because it never changed... Read more »

Was it Rape?

Tyler came through the front door and ran straight to her room without speaking to her mom. Her mom thought nothing of it as she continued on with one of her friends that were sitting on the couch going over some work details.  “Do you want to break and go see what’s wrong with your... Read more »

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words HURT forever

It’s likely that your kids are being bullied, possibly everyday. They may be called names such as bums, stupid, or even ugly. Often times they may even be made to feel worthless and as though they can’t do anything right in this world. As adults, I’m sure many of you can relate to feeling beat... Read more »

Important Life Lesson for Youth- Pigeon Drop

I thank my dad for bringing this topic to my mind as I tried very hard to forget the expensive life lesson I learned as a teenager. As you read I urge you to take heed and share the information you gather from my personal experience. It was about 6 p.m. as I strolled through... Read more »

Buyer Beware

We see images on a daily basis that have been researched for weeks and months with millions of dollars poured into its development just to get you, me, and parents alike to buy into them and be interested. I was watching a particular channel on television and there was this advertisement with a guy speaking... Read more »