I talk all the time but as soon as I am asked anything about myself I tend to reply with my typical response, "I am a mother and student." Of course these are not my only dimensions. I am a lover of arts (poetry, fiction, and photography). I spend a great deal of time trying to harvest my children's creative talents as well as my own. I love creative writing, although I admit sometimes I can be a little to lackadaisical with school writing. I am in graduate school for mental health counseling and have a B.A in Psychology from Southern Illinois University.

My goals are centered around helping people; my chosen field of counseling, my extracurricular activities and volunteerism are always geared toward working with youth to empower, motivate, advocate, and provide confidence so that they are better prepared for life. I am a firm believer that prevention and preparation are the key for building success in the lives of youth at risk. We have all heard the saying "It takes a village to raise a child" but I like to think it takes just one person to uplift and build a child's confidence.

This blog is geared toward speaking to parents and youth struggling to connect and communicate on issues that need to be discussed such as sex education and peer pressure while taking a neutral stance. It is meant to be empowering, informational, and entertaining.